Smokey ice is back in fashion. The best wedding makeup options for summer 2022


    Smoky eyes are back in fashion. The best wedding makeup options for summer 2022

    Competent makeup is one of the main details of a perfect bride's look.

    Wedding is one of the most exciting events for which it is customary to prepare carefully. Every detail matters: a well-chosen dress that fits the figure well, emphasizing the dignity of the bride, suitable accessories, manicure and, of course, wedding makeup. It should enhance the image of the bride, harmoniously approach her style and mood. Focus picked up the top 5 bridal makeup trends.

    Focus on the eyes

    Makeup can enhance the image of the bride, make it bright and memorable – and this is exactly what any hero of a solemn event wants. To achieve this effect, focus on the wedding makeup on the eyes. To do this, pay attention to the color of your eyes and choose the right shade of shadows.

    Brown-eyed brides will suit a brown palette. Apply beige or chocolate shadows to the upper eyelid, and add shimmery bronze shades to the moving part of the eyelid and the line between the eyelashes. Draw black arrows – they will add expressiveness to your look. Or if you don't like arrows, blend a golden shade with a large shimmer all over the eyelid.

    Smoky eyes are back in fashion. The best wedding makeup options for summer 2022

     Smokey ice is back in fashion. The best options for wedding makeup in the summer of 2022

    Brides with blue eyes are recommended to pay attention to warm shades – peach, light beige. To achieve the effect of a “wide” look, you can emphasize the crease of the eyelid with light chocolate or brown shadows, as well as make brown or black arrows.

    If you have green eyes, apply peach or nude shades on the upper eyelid, and highlight the inner corners of the eye with a light shade. Underline the lower lash line with light brown shadows. And enhance the look with black arrows.

    Pearl white or light gray shadows are suitable for gray eyes. You can highlight the outer corners of the eyes with a brown tint and bring the lower eyelid. Line the upper lash line with black eyeliner.

    Lip accent

    Another option for bright makeup is an emphasis on the lips. In this case, you can do nude eye makeup. And choose bright shades for lips. However, be careful and consult a makeup artist, as too rich tones are not suitable for everyone. For example, brides with blue eyes should rather look at the color of fuchsia, and green-eyed brides should look at warm beige or peach lipstick tones. But girls with gray eyes can choose plum shades.

    Glow effect

    Not so long ago, glosses or lip balms in the style of the 2000s became popular. Lips acquire a moist radiance and additional volume. It looks great with both nude and bright eye makeup.

    Nude makeup

    In recent years, the trend of naturalness has prevailed in makeup. Wedding makeup is no exception. Many brides prefer light nude shades, with which the face looks fresh and rested.

    Stylists note that for such makeup it is important that the skin is even and clean. For the perfect tone, a light base under the foundation and a loose tone are suitable to create a natural effect. Particular attention should be paid to the eyebrows. In wedding nude makeup, it is important that they are well designed – combed and fixed with gel.

    Smokey eyes

    Smokey makeup is considered a classic. In the new season, it has become softer, as stylists have added blue, gray-black and brown shades of shadows.

    To achieve the effect of smoky makeup, you can blend the shadows both horizontally and vertically.

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