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SNCF strike of October 13: what disruptions this Friday on the TER , TGV or RER?” /></p>
<p> “SNCF strike of October 13: what disruptions this Friday on the TER, TGV or RER?” </p>
<p class=Will the TGV, TER, Transilien and RER experience disruptions this Friday, October 13, 2023? Will the SNCF strike be followed? Update on forecasts.

Friday October 13, 2023, the inter-union calls for action. a day of national and inter-professional strike in order to defend "purchasing power and the increase in salaries, pensions and social minimums". The movement will be followed by certain railway workers. However, not all trains and passengers will be affected in the same way. The SNCF announced its forecasts and, at the national level, few disruptions are planned. Thus, the TGVs will circulate with “almost normal” traffic. Friday October 13. Conversely, regional trains should be more affected.

Here are the forecasts for Friday October 13, 2023:

For TER, the SNCF already has announced normal traffic in Normandy on the Rouen-Dieppe, Le Havre-Rolleville and Rouen-Amiens-Lille lines. Traffic will be further disrupted on the Paris-Chartres-Le Mans line. It is recommended to go to the TER Centre-Val de Loire site to check timetables and routes. Same thing in the Grand Est region for regional trains in Champagne-Ardennes but also in Lorraine. Traffic will be slightly disrupted. in the Hauts de France region. Severe; also, it is recommended to go to the dedicated regional TER sites for details of timetables.

  • RER line C: plan for 2 trains out of 3.
  • RER line D: plan for 2 ;trains on 3.
  • RER line E: traffic slightly disrupted between Haussmann Saint-Lazare and Chelles Gournay
  • Line H of the Transilien: plan for 2 trains out of 3.
  • Line L of the Transilien: plan for 2 trains out of 3 (timetables between Paris Saint-Lazare and Saint-Nom la Bretèche, between Paris Saint-Lazare and Versailles Rive Droite, Paris Saint-Lazare and Nanterre Université ;/Maison-Laffitte/Cergy Le Haut
  • Transilien Line N: 3 trains out of 4 announced.
  • Line R of the Transilien: plan 2 trains out of 3 on average and a few trains between Paris Lyon and Montereau via Héricy.
  • Line U of the Transilien: plan 2 trains out of 3.
  • < li data-original-fontsize="20px" data-original-lineheight="30px">A “normal to almost normal” service on the RER A, RER B, RER E, lines J, K and P of the Transilien and the T4, T11 and T13 trams.

  • The other lines, managed by RATP , will not be affected.
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