Snezhana Egorova presented a second author’s book

In the restaurant “Veranda on the Dnieper” took place the public presentation of the second book of the famous actress, TV presenter and author of Snezhana Egorova, “She. Why Swiss watches always show the exact time”.

Снежана Егорова презентовала вторую авторскую книгу

To congratulate Snezhana Egorova had numerous admirers of her talent, as well as colleagues and friends. Among the guests were the authors of the reviews about the book — known in Ukraine, women, opinion leaders in the fields of theatre, film, television, art, health, beauty, psychology and law: Olga Sumska, Catherine vlasuk, Elena horn, Marina Kinakh, Victoria Lyubarevich of Torhova, Sepenuk Lyudmila, Lyudmila Kalabucha, Nadezhda Matveeva, Victoria Aronova, Lika Spivakovska.

Also the star guests of the presentation were Stasia Rovinskaya, Lilu, Natalia Zabolotna, Kishe, Vlad Darwin, Anna Boginskaya, Peter Zalmaev, Ksenia Bugrimova, Lilia Ruban, Regina Verbitskaya, etc.

The evening program was rich and varied: the autograph session, which Snezhana Egorova held for all guests who bought the book, captures the fotokol, interviews to media representatives, musical greetings from Arthur Bosso, Yuri Godot, Olga Neka and Barabanova, a DJ set from
dj Karlson. And, of course, the delicious food from the restaurant “Veranda on Dnieper”.

All those present this evening at the presentation noted for its special atmosphere – warm, cozy, trusting, sympathetic communication.

“Gathered here today are the most close and dear people to me. I feel the full harmony. The universe always gives you back what you send it. I’m happy!”, — admitted to drowned in the colors and arms of friends Snezhana Egorova.

The book of Snezhana Egorova written for the socially active, successful, creative and focused on family values women who realize what they are — the engine of progress and a source of development and prosperity in society.

The book is decorated with iconic illustrations and is a call for the development and understanding of the social significance of women of Ukraine. Each page was a call to improve the quality of life of society in General and the formation of new values that will give our children a chance to feel pride in their country.

After the presentation in Kiev Snezhana Egorova plans to go with the promotional tour of the book “It. Why Swiss watches always show the exact time” in the Dnieper, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Sumy and Lviv.

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