So are the FreeBuds Pro 2, from Huawei

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This is the FreeBuds Pro 2, from Huawei

Huawei has made a new addition to its audio range: FreeBuds Pro 2, TWS earphones. They feature a dual driver system for authentic sound, and incorporate a standard dynamic driver with a planar diaphragm for a higher quality listening experience. Building on previous FreeBuds, they also feature dynamic and intelligent Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), allowing for clear calls even with a lot of background noise. They are resistant to splashing water and comfortable to wear. 


The FreeBuds Pro 2 stand out for having an active noise cancellation (ANC) with triple microphone, which allows to identify and eliminate outside sound very efficiently. It integrates different noise cancellation modes that are alternated according to needs.

Due to their technical characteristics, they improve the sound compared to the previous generation of the brand and compete with sufficiency It compares with its TWS competitors in the current market.

Key aspects

They are configured as a much improved product in terms of design, noise cancellation, and sound experience. refers.

The optimal results of the product are linked to aspects such as the provision of the dual driver with four magnets, the planar voice coil, the triple microphone > for active noise cancellation, and also double certification for high resolution music.

The dual 11mm dynamic driver with four magnets increases the driving force of the diaphragm to create a more powerful bass and midrange sound. To improve the highs with clearer voices, they integrate a planar voice coil, to increase up to 6 times more the diaphragm area compared to traditional drivers in the TWS. 

< p>The device also adds two units of ultra-auditory drivers for low and high notes that work separately and better recreate musical instruments and vocal details.

An additional advantage is that they add a Triple Adaptive Equalizer technology that, through algorithms and the in-ear microphone, adapts the audio in real time considering the structure of the ear canal and the way in which each person uses the products.

A traditional equalizer is provided in the Huawei AI Life application, and with which you can equalize the sound to taste for each type of music by setting up to 10 bands of equalization.

Experience in use

The device makes it possible to listen to music in high resolution using the LDAC codec, with a playback rate of up to 990kbps.

Highlight Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation 2.0,&nbsp ;key to get good sound on any stage, especially the noisiest ones.

Freebuds Pro 2 improve noise cancellation by 15% compared to the previous generation, reaching a maximum noise cancellation of 47 decibels. 

Featured values

Intelligently recognizes ambient sounds, switching modes accordingly. I ask between them, pinching either earbud.

Two outward-facing microphones pick up sound from the direction of the voice, while the inward-facing microphone makes the voice is heard clearly.

They have integrated Bluetooth 5.2, so they do not have stability problems or micro cuts, and the latency is almost zero.

Outstanding autonomy of approximately 35 hours long. The single charge provides up to 7 hours of listening and up to 35 hours when combined with the charging case.

They are light at 6.1 grams. The format and the pads collaborate so that they fit well inside the ear canal.