So are the Pixel Buds Pro, from Google


    This is the Pixel Buds Pro from Google

    The company Google has just put Pixel Buds Pro headphones on the market, a premium model that integrates a new audio chip 6 custom cores with algorithms developed by Google itself, and fine-tuned down to the last detail by its team of engineers.

    Noise cancellation

    One of the most significant features of the product is active noise cancellation. These are headphones that create the necessary silence so that the music is the protagonist. Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal conforms to the shape of the ear, and the earbuds fit the ear canal to block out as much external noise as possible. Instead of using an existing solution on the market, the Buds Pro use an integrated system developed by Googlewith a custom processor, algorithms and speakers.


    In many earbuds, the bass disappears when the volume is reduced, and the music plays weak and with a metallic tone. To improve this situation, the Buds Pro reproduce a good sound at any volume thanks to the Volume Equalizer, which dynamically adaptsto the volume of the audio and subtly adjusts the frequency curve. For example, when the volume is turned down, the device turns up the bass and maintains a balance between mid and high frequencies.


    Ambient sound mode allows the user to be aware of surrounding noises. The headphones process a wide range of frequencies with low latency so audio sounds natural and in sync. This custom integration makes it possible to bring in sound from the environment in real time, despite movement.


    They can automatically switch the sound source from one device to another. You can go from listening to music on your phone to joining a video call on your laptop without clicking any menus. of Bluetooth. This is so by multipoint connectivity, which automatically switches from one compatible device to another, be it Android, iOS, a tablet or a laptop.


    Voice on calls sounds clear despite wind or surrounding noise, thanks to beamforming microphones, voice accelerometer, and windproof mesh covers.

    The headphones use a bone vibration sound sensorto analyze the vibrations that occur near the jaw and isolate the sound of the voice so that it can be heard accurately, whether on a busy street or at home with loud music.

    < h3>Design

    Featuring a durable coating, smooth matte texture and two-tone design, they fit snugly in the ear. The scabbard is shaped like a stone, can be easily handled and fits in your pocket. They are available in four colors: Charcoal, Fog Grey, Coral and Lime Green.

    Since everyone's ears are different, Google has analyzed thousands of them to create a design that is comfortable for as many users as possible. The sensors continuously measure the pressure in the ear canal so that the earbuds can actively reduce it if necessary without losing comfort. Thanks to the tips in three sizes, the device can be customized to fit the shape of the ear.

    Voice and touch control

    It is possible by voice to play music, send a quick text message or even get an instant translation. 

    They also allow you to activate the most important controls with a touch without using the phone. It is enough to touch the earbud once to play or pause the sound, twice to skip tracks or three times to go back, and slide your finger horizontally to increase or decrease the volume. To access Active Noise Cancellation, just press and hold it.

    Other values

    They are resistant to water and sweat, so they can be used on rainy days or during workouts where you break a sweat.

    The custom processor is built to last. tuned to optimize power consumption and extend battery life. They provide up to 7 hours of playback time on a single charge with Active Noise Cancellation enabled, and up to 20 hours with the charging case. They can be charged wirelessly with the Pixel Stand and other Qi-certified chargers.

    If charged in the case for 5 minutes, you get up to 1 hour of playback time with The Active Noise Cancellation function is enabled.


    The Pixel Buds Pro can already be purchased on the market at a price of 219 euros.


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