So you can get financial compensation for the obsolescence of iPhones 6

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So you can get financial compensation for the obsolescence of iPhones 6

The Commercial Court number 10 of Madrid has accepted for processing the class action lawsuit filed by the Consumer Organization (OCU) against the technology giantApple,due to planned obsolescence of the iPhone 6. The OCU considers that the company updated The 'software' in the different models of the iPhone 6 to cover up the quality problems of its batteries. By carrying out this act Thousands of users renewed their devices and changed the battery thinking that the iPhone had become old because of its slowness.

This malpractice has caused users economic damage amounting to between 40 and 80 million euros.

The complaints filed by the OCU against the company for the problems of the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus models began two years ago. According to a 2020 release, the organization addressed “on multiple occasions” to the company to claim compensation from those injured.“Unfortunately, these attempts to find an amicable solution for the benefit of consumers did not lead to a satisfactory solution.” face to Apple and in May 2022 presented. A class action is filed because it considers that the company has breached the law of unfair competition and the general law for the defense of consumers and users. In this way, the organization requests acompensation of between 99 and 189 euros to users, a figure that comes from the sum of the amount of the battery (between 29 and 89 euros, depending on whether or not they joined the battery plan). replacement), plus 10% of the purchase price of the mobile (between 699 and 999 euros, depending on the model, capacity, etc.). 

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In order to claim financial compensation, affected users must access the following link, select the 'Join' button and access with their username. Once inside the link, you have to fill in the indicated fields and send them. The organization has made it clear that it is committed to the expense necessary to initiate thisjudicial dispute,paying the fees for lawyers and solicitors. In case of losing the legal action, those affected will not have to bear the costs of the process.