So you can know if they are spying on your WhatsApp

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So you can know if it's They are spying on your WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging application in all the world. And being the most downloaded, it is available. It is constantly innovating, especially in terms of privacy: the instant messaging application is on the rise. always implementing options so that communications are secret, with initiatives such as the end-to-end encryption -which means that messages are not stored on servers and therefore are only stored in the sending and receiving terminals-.

But technology is a double-edged instrumentwhich if mismanaged can cause serious consequences. And WhatsApp is no exception: new applications are continually coming out to try to circumvent that privacy, such as one that offers the possibility of knowing where a person is. a person without having to send their location.


It is also possible to eavesdrop on other people's conversations without them knowing. Which, on the other hand, is a crime. Luckily, it is possible to know if someone is there. You will be monitoring your WhatsApp without the need to install any application or program: just know how to use the option provided by the instant messaging 'app' itself.

The trick how many sessions there are open with your account. Something that can be done directly from the messaging application itself and following just a few simple steps.

Signs of espionage

Even if the screen of your tphone gets too hot, battery runs out earlier than usual, or notifications ring and then when you open Whatsapp, no new messages > chances are you'll have a voyeur watching what's coming your way.

But the trick that will allow you to see what's coming to you. Find out for sure if someone is spying on you, you have it in the settings (the three vertical dots on the top right if you have Android or in 'Settings', on the bottom right, if it's iOS) of your WhatsApp . there You get 'Linked Devices' and so on. You will be able to know how many sessions are open with your account.