Sochi was covered by a heavy downpour: streams of water demolish cars


Heavy downpour covered Sochi: water torrents demolish cars

One of the rivers overflowed its banks, flooding entire neighborhoods. People are blocked in vehicles.

The Russian resort city of Sochi on Saturday evening, July 23, was covered with heavy rains. The downpour continues for several hours, and the streets have turned into water streams that demolish everything. The corresponding videos have been made public on the Web.

Thus, according to eyewitnesses, the Bzugu River in the Khostinsky district of the city overflowed its banks, flooding entire neighborhoods.

The elements demolish buses and cars. People are blocked in some vehicles.

No casualties have been reported yet.

Recall that at the same time, a number of countries around the world are suffering from abnormal heat. So, in 16 cities of Italy, a red warning level was announced – the temperature will rise to 40 ° C.


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