Social networks exploded the most clumsy cat in the world

Соцсети взорвало видео самой неуклюжей кошки в мире

Cats and dogs often become the main characters, who fall into the Internet, as a funny animal taken by their owners. And these videos often win the hearts of millions of people around the world.

This writes Hyser.

So, in one of the shelters has a cat that keeps crashing. An employee of the shelter made the video funny falls this cat. It seems incredible, but the cat always falling, even when lying!

“Falling” cat name is Gillian, the animal is simply not able to calculate your jump and even when it is, have no awareness of what she’s about to fall.

In the video footage this video we will see how the cat falls while trying to understand on a chair like the poor man barely doprygnet to the table and falling on him, much against his small body, when Gillian was just resting on top of three-story scratching posts and rolling over falls down on a reclining cat and much more. Users who watched this video, called the most clumsy cat in the world.

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