Sofia Rotaru's granddaughter exhibited vivid footage from her grandmother's birthday


August 9, 2020, 23:09 | Culture

On August 7, the singer of the hit song “Chervona Ruta” celebrated her 73rd birthday.

Sofia Rotaru's granddaughter exhibited bright pictures from her grandmother's birthday

The granddaughter of the People's Artist of Sofia Rotaru is a 19-year-old model, singer Sonia Yevdokymenko showed vivid footage from her star grandmother's birthday celebration. On August 7, the legend of the stage turned 73 years old, informs Ukr.Media.

Children and grandchildren gathered at the house of Sofia Mykhailivna. So, in the photo that Sonia Evdokymenko added to Instagram, Rotaru's son Ruslan with his wife Svitlana and the couple's eldest son Anatoliy, 26, also appear.

The culprit of the celebration on her birthday with appeared in a charming image – she is wearing a light light dress with blue and black ornaments, and expressive makeup completes the image. The granddaughter of the star herself appeared in the photo in a light short dress of peach color.

`Celebration @ sofiarotaru.official,' Sonya captioned the photos.


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