Solstice | When does winter 2022 – 2023 start? Day and hour

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Solstice | When does winter 2022 - 2023 start? because this week will be After placid and even warm days, comes the season that brings the coldest months of the year. The northern hemisphere enters east <strong>Wednesday, December 21, </strong> at the <strong>winter solstice. </strong>To be more exact, the winter season will start early. <strong>at 22:48 UTC (one hour less in the Canary Islands)</strong>, according to data from the National Astronomical Observatory (OAN).</p><p>It will be then the longest night of the year and the shortest day and, officially and astronomically, will be the end of the year. Inaugurated the winter that will last forever. until <strong>Monday, March 20, 2023</strong> when the <strong>spring equinox arrives.</strong></p><p>The onset of winter can occur on four different calendar dates between December 20 and 23, but throughout the 21st century, the solstice in Spain always occurs between December 20 and 22. The fact that it corresponds to <strong> the shortest day and the longest night of the year </strong>This is explained because, in this case, the northern hemisphere is It is very far from the Sun in terms of axis and there is an imbalance of hours between day and night, so that there are more hours of darkness than of light.</p><h3>Last Meteor Showers of the Year</h3><p>But this week won't be a big one. only the official winter debut one. Will occur an interesting astronomical phenomenon, the last of the year. It is the meteor shower of <strong>the √örsidas</strong>. It will take place between <strong>December 21 and 22, </strong>when the Earth will pass through the Earth. A region of its orbit coincides with a cloud where the remains of <strong> dust, ice and rocks from 8P/Tuttle, a 4.5 kilometer long comet </strong> that takes 13.6 It takes years to go around the Sun. This small shower produces between 5 and 10 meteors per hour and is generated by the dust grains left behind by the Sun. Comet Tuttle.</p>  <script async src=