Some heated exchanges during the electoral debate in Rivière-du-Loup | Elections Quebec 2022

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Some heated exchanges during the electoral debate in Rivière-du-Loup | Élections Québec 2022

Four candidates in the riding of Rivière-du-Loup–Témiscouata took part in a debate organized by Radio Canada.

The discussions were more heated on the issues of housing and child care spaces during an election debate in the riding of Rivière-du-Loup–Témiscouata organized by Radio-Canada.

On housing, the positions of the candidates of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) and the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) contrasted with those of those of Quebec solidaire (QS) and the Parti Québécois (PQ).

Promising the construction of more social housing in Quebec – 50,000 for QS and 25,000 for the PQ – the candidates of these parties drew taunts from the conservative Louise Moreault.

You don't help people take care of themselves, what are you going to do when the state is no longer able to pay for it?, she asked Myriam Lapointe-Gagnon of QS and Félix Rioux of the PQ. We have to stop talking only about social housing, it goes way beyond that.

Conservative candidate Louise Moreault

Mr. Rioux defended himself from talking about social housing since it is this segment of the population that suffers the most.

For his part, the PLQ candidate, Louis Bellemare, said fear the establishment of a socialist state.

PQ candidate Félix Rioux

  • Louis Bellemare of the Quebec Liberal Party
  • < li>Myriam Lapointe-Gagnon of Québec solidaire

  • Louise Moreault of the Conservative Party of Québec
  • Félix Rioux of the Parti québécois

The crowd joined in the debate during an exchange on the creation of child care spaces. The Conservative candidate presented her party's proposal to offer $200 per child to parents who cannot find a child care space.

Your program only gives money to women to stay at home, it does not provide for new daycare places, raised the solidarity Myriam Lapointe-Gagnon, also founder of the Ma place au travail movement.

Solidarity candidate Myriam Lapointe-Gagnon

If that's what it takes for our children, that the woman stays at home, well let's give them the choice for the good of the child, replied Ms. Moreault under the boos of the crowd present.

Two hot topics in the constituency sparked some form of consensus among several debate candidates.

Everyone seemed to have a bias in favor of maintaining the crossing to Charlevoix at Rivière-du-Loup rather than moving the boat service to Cacouna.

From an economic point of view, it should stay in Rivière-du-Loup, decided the liberal Louis Bellemare who is sorry that people in Quebec will decide in this file.

Liberal candidate Louis Bellemare

It is not because I come from Cacouna that I will automatically be in favor of moving to Cacouna, launched for her part Ms. Lapointe-Gagnon, who is calling for environmental studies, particularly in connection with the preservation of the beluga whale nursery.

A form of unity also emerged around the extension of Highway 20. The candidates were almost all in favor of the project while combining it with an improvement of Route 132.

The only discordant voice was that of curator Louise Moreault, who said she was in favor of the project until she met the elected officials of Trois-Pistoles. You need a plan B, especially since plan A has not yet been tabled, she said.

All the candidates present regretted the absence of the candidate of the Coalition avenir Québec, Amélie Dionne, after a question from the public on respect for democratic institutions.

To win, you must not be afraid of losing, launched the Liberal Louis Bellemare.

The candidates were questioned by the public in particular on the project of the promoter Medway in downtown Rivière-du-Loup, on the reduction of social inequalities and on the promotion of culture in the region.

Replay the electoral debate in the riding of Rivière-du-Loup–Témiscouata

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