Some incredible facts about fur seals


October 30, 2018, 14:01 | Animals

Biologists distinguish eight different species of fur seals. Only one of them is found in the northern hemisphere – the northern fur seal.

Some incredible facts about fur seals

Biologists distinguish eight different species of fur seals. Only one of them is found in the northern hemisphere – the northern fur seal, informs UkrMedia.

Scientists have established that fur seals, unlike other mammals, are able to skip the REM sleep phase. In the water, fur seals are able to sleep with only one hemisphere of the brain. At the same time, only slow-wave sleep is observed in it. If it is land, then the indicators are almost no different from other mammals. We publish 8 more incredible facts about fur seals.

1. Female fur seals are very good mothers, they easily recognize their children by voice and smell. Thanks to these signs, they are able to recognize each other even after years of separation. Having given birth to the firstborn, the female continues to be in a state of lactation throughout her life.

2. Despite the fact that female fur seals have a developed kind of maternal instinct, they are bad wives, careful research by British scientists has shown that female fur seals often cheat on their “husbands”. They do not remain faithful to their master at all, but betray him with those whom they consider more suitable for the role of parents of their future offspring.

3. The male is not far from the female, he keeps a whole harem of females around him in the roost. At the same time, females are guided by two criteria: the chosen one must have good heredity and he must not be a close relative.

Some incredible facts about fur seals

4. In addition to the fact that the male is not a good husband, he is also a bad dad. Cats cannot be called caring parents. When the female goes to sea, the male can calmly throw away his own cub, if it meets him on the way. Or maybe just lie down on the baby.

5. The fur seal most likely comes from the canine family. A distinctive feature that allows you to unmistakably identify the animal is the ears.

Both dogs and fur seals belong to the same suborder of predators – psovids. The seal subfamily belongs to seals, and it turns out that seals are more like dogs.

6. Seals sleep on the water on their sides, with three flippers extended and constantly raking with the fourth.

7. Northern – the largest of all types of fur seals.

8. These animals are found throughout the North Pacific Ocean from Japan to Southern California, including the Bering Sea.

These beautiful sea creatures can look cute and innocent. However, such an impression can be misleading. Researchers are convinced that a person should be careful when meeting a fur seal, it is better not to disturb the wild animal.


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