Some limitations will save: who called effective steps to combat coronavirus

Одни ограничения не спасут: ВОЗ назвала эффективные шаги для борьбы с коронавирусом

In order to win the coronavirus, one of the only rigid quarantine is not enough. Not enough to lock people’s homes, required six more important steps while open “window of opportunity”. This was stated by the head of the world health organization of Tedros Ghebreyesus.

Many countries have introduced unprecedented measures has closed schools and businesses, cancelled sporting events… to Ask people to stay home and block the movement of the population — this means to gain time and reduce the burden on the health system. But by themselves, these measures do not extinguish the epidemic, “warns the head of the who.

Ghebreyesus, and offers a plan of six steps to be performed during rigid quarantine. Countries where still detected a small number of cases, this plan will help in principle to avoid quarantine restrictions. While there is still time, who recommends:

  • To prepare hospitals to organize training for medical personnel, to expand the number involved in the health care system.
  • To introduce a system to identify individuals with suspicious symptoms.
  • Expand the availability of tests for coronavirus.
  • To determine where to be to isolate people with symptoms of coronavirus, and hospitals, where treatment is performed.
  • To introduce a mechanism for tracking individuals exposed to the sick.
  • To redirect all the authorities to fight COVID-19.

Recall from pandemic coronavirus around the world have died more than 22 thousand people. At the same time remain more than 150 countries, where the number of cases is relatively low (hundreds of cases). In Ukraine officially confirmed 156 of infection with coronavirus. Lead Chernivtsi region and Kyiv.


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