Some seniors can count on nearly 5,000 zlotys of retirement pensions. It is enough to meet one condition

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Who can receive a pension in the amount of PLN 5,000?

 Some seniors can count on a retirement pension of nearly PLN 5,000. It is enough to meet one condition

According to the” Gazeta “portal, some seniors can count on an impressive amount from the Social Insurance Institution. Who can receive PLN 4944 for life? What conditions must be met to be able to enjoy such money?

For whom a pension of nearly 5,000?

Those who are awarded the so-called honorary pension. This group will include the lucky ones who are 100 years old. Age is the only condition that retirees must meet in this case. No other criteria, such as income or seniority, are taken into account here.

There is also no need to submit an application, because ZUS automatically pays them to all seniors who are 100 years old and have previously received a retirement pension. The only exception are those seniors who did not receive benefits from ZUS. In their case, it will be necessary to submit an application.

 Some seniors can count on a retirement pension of nearly PLN 5,000. It is enough to meet one condition

How much is the honorary benefit?

The amount of the honorary benefit is not fixed once and for all. It is variable and accounts for 100 percent of the average salary, net of social security contributions. It changes every year on March 1. Currently, the honorary benefit amounts to PLN 4,944.79 gross.

Honorary benefit is not subject to indexation, which means that it will be paid for the rest of the senior's life in the amount in which it was granted. Honor benefits vary in amount depending on where the person has passed the hundredth.

 Part of the senior & oacute; w can count on a retirement pension of nearly 5,000 zlotys It is enough to fulfill one condition

It turns out that in recent years the number of awarded honorary benefits has been increasing. Only in 2020, ZUS granted 1,571 new benefits upon reaching the age of 100. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years as well.

What do you think about the amount of the honor benefit?

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