Some seniors can receive almost PLN 5,000. There is only one condition to be met

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Who can enjoy the benefit of nearly PLN 5,000?

 Almost 5,000 zlotys may receive a part of seniors. Only one condition has to be met

As the” Super Express “portal reminds, pensions and their amount have been topics for many years. ; re arouse great emotions. Seniors struggle to make ends meet, and in the era of rampant inflation, their problems only get worse. Some seniors, however, can count on a benefit of up to PLN 5,000. The catch is that only people who are 100 years or older can get them.

Honor benefit

The honor service is dedicated to people who are 100 years of age or older. It can be used by both persons who receive a retirement pension or disability pension, and persons who have not obtained entitlement to their payment. The persons entitled to this type of benefit are growing every year and, according to forecasts, this tendency will continue in the coming years.

The allowance called the honor benefit applies to both persons who receive benefits from ZUS, KRUS, as well as from departmental pension institutions of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the Ministry of National Defense. Interestingly, the amount of coverage depends on the base amount that is in force on the day the legal age is reached.

 Almost 5,000 zlotys may receive a part of senior & oacute; w. Only one condition must be met.

This means that the amount of the honorary benefit varies depending on the time in which it was granted, and its amount remains unchanged until the end of life. It is not subject to annual indexation.

Honor benefit amount

The honor benefit amount is based on the base amount, which is 100 percent of the average wage from which contributions are deducted for social insurance.

For persons who turned 100 years of age in the period between March 1, 2021 and March 1 this year, the honorary benefit amounts to PLN 4,512.41 gross. For people who celebrated their centenary after March 1, it is already PLN 4944.79.

 Almost 5,000-zlotys can receive part of senior & oacute; w. Must be met only one condition

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