“Something is not right”: Putin sent a double to meet with Lukashenka, ex-KGB officer (video)

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According to the former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Zhirnov, Vladimir Putin would not eat bread on foreign territory.

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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin could use a double during his visit to Belarus on 19 December. This assumption was shared by a former KGB and intelligence officer of the Russian Federation Sergey Zhirnov with journalists from Unian.

Zhirnov believes that the Russian president would not risk eating the bread with which he was greeted at the Minsk airport. The expert admits that Putin could get out of another ladder and immediately go to the residence.

“But the double talked with Lukashenka, kissed him, hugged and so on.” – the former intelligence officer shared his thoughts.

Sergei Zhirnov also mentioned how Vladimir Putin spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron at a six-meter table. According to him, in order to contact the President of the Russian Federation, people were forced to take tests every two weeks.

“There is no certainty that this is the real Putin. Or if this is the real Putin, then he has something something is not right at all. By the way, it is noticeable that something is wrong with him,” Sergey Zhirnov said.

The ex-employee of the Russian special services also said that Vladimir Putin could have brought bread with him on the plane , and the girls who met the Russian president at the airport in Minsk may well turn out to be employees of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. December 16, located in Russia. The Russian edition of “Agency” noticed that the room in which the President of the Russian Federation was located resembles the headquarters of the Southern Military District in Rostov-on-Don.

We also reported that, answering journalists' questions on December 22, Vladimir Putin for the first time called the Russian-Ukrainian war “war”. For the use of the word “war” in relation to the events in Ukraine, Russia provides for criminal liability.