Son Sobchak played with her naked photo

Сын Собчак поигрался с ее голой фотографией

Publication Ksenia Sobchak candid picture, where she holds her Breasts designer Jan Raskovalova and singer Natalia Ionova, known under the pseudonym of Glucose, made a lot of noise in the network.

But not all comments were enthusiastic. The one demonstration of women’s breast struck most thoroughly was the writer Alexander zipkin.

He decided to make fun of Xenia, published a rather provocative collage with the portrait of Sobchak and his wife. Thus zipkin tried to show lush the dignity of the beloved wife and to specify Xenia for her rather small Breasts.

However, the blonde did not remain silent, impartial and spoke not only about Tsypkina, but his wife.

In Telegram-channel “Bloody lady” Sobchak wrote that such a comparison is meaningless, as it has no silicone implants, and Lavrentieva, in her opinion, there is.

“A poor Zipkin continued to seem that everything is only about him and his wife, “wrote Sobchak in response to the criticism Tsypkina for her Nude photo shoot.

She also commented on the words of the writer that he and my husband Sobchak Konstantin Bogomolov left “members face off”.

“I hope you member of real. But to the Bone in any competition, and you, alas, far away,” — said TV presenter.

Сын Собчак поигрался с ее голой фотографией

Tsypkina later post with a collage of two naked women was removed from Instagram, as he reported in another publication.

But experienced by day adventure has made to the life of Xenia, a new shot of adrenaline gave her inspiration for a new prank. To finally piss off his detractors, Sobchak posted in Instagram Stories small video in which her son Plato enthusiastically examines a scandalous photo depicting a half-naked mom and her friends.

Сын Собчак поигрался с ее голой фотографией

Then the writer was outraged Instagram post of the presenter, in which she called the publication of naked photos of women over 40 years of a demonstration of desperation. Zipkin felt that Sobchak writes about his wife Oksana Lavrentieva, previously published in the social network Nude picture.

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