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Sony: the next villain of Spider-Man is revealed, and it is not a good sign

As Sony continues its journey on its Spider-Man Universe, the next film about a new Spider-Man antagonist is gradually being unveiled. bit, and the first infos are not very reassuring.

Sony reveals the next villain of Spider-Man, and that's not a good sign

Sony is expanding its Spider-Man Universe

À Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony is focusing on its Spider-Man Universe, its shared, centered universe. on a series of superhero films produced by Columbia Pictures and in association with Marvel Entertainment.

It is thus a question of capitalizing on characters published by Marvel Comics and associated with the character of Spider-Man. A universe that materialized on screen starting in 2018 with the movie Venom, then Venom: Let There Be Carnage in 2021 and finally Morbius this year. 3 films that have not only made the fanbase happy,quite the contrary. Morbius was what can be described as a failure, both commercial and critical.

“This is neither an alien nor a wizard. This is just a hunter”

But still Sony has not finished highlighting its roster of characters and antagonists of the spider-man. The next one is called Kraven The Hunter. The character has already been mentioned; in our columns last May, when the director of the first 3 Spider-Man, Sam Raimi, put forward the hypothesis of integrating it for a Spider -Man 4.

In the meantime, the famous hunter will be entitled to; his own feature film within the Spider-Man Universe. And while the filming has just ended in England, its interpreter, the actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has unveiled it. a bit more about his character:

He is one of Marvel's most famous and iconic anti-heroes, the n°1 rival of Spider-Man. He's neither an alien nor a wizard. He's just a hunter, a human with convictions. An animal lover, who is also a protector of the natural world. A very, very cool character.”

Sony: The Next Villain of Spider-Man Descends veil, and that's not a good sign

Fans already worried

In the comics, Kraven is a formidable opponent of Spider-Man, ruthless, extremely nervous and always determined. to hang a new trophy on its account. Aaron Taylor-Johnson's words thus seemat odds with the Kraven narrated. in the paper versions. Andthis can be scary about capacity from Sony to introduce us to a very badass character. We therefore imagine a lighter version that is very (too?) close to nature.

A nature that will be widely highlighted since, according to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the major part of the filming took place in the countryside, and therefore outside the studio. We do not know how to take this information, but the fact remains that fans have expressed initial reservations about this Kraven Sony version, and have not failed to to make it known on the networks

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The film is made; by J.C. Chandor. Kraven the Hunter will therefore put Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the shoes of the villain alongside Ariana DeBose (Calypso), Russel Crowe (Nikolaï Kravinoff), Fred Heichinger (Dmitri Smediakov) or even Christopher Abbott ( The Stranger). Its release is scheduled for January 13, 2023.

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