Soon the clergy will visit the faithful. How will the 2023 Christmas carol go?

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What will Christmas carol 2023 look like?

Soon the clergy will visit the faithful. How the 2023 Christmas carol will go

As the “Gazeta” portal reminds, pastoral visits, popularly known as “carols”, will begin right after Christmas. In the last two years, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they took place under changed rules. In some parishes, they were abandoned altogether, in others they were held after prior notification of such a desire by the faithful. What does it look like this year?

Carol 2023

Soon after Christmas, priests start carol visits to the homes of their parishioners. During them, they bless the house and household members, pray together and talk to the faithful about their joys or problems.

After two pandemic years, some clergy decided to limit pastoral visits to people who had previously declared their willingness to do so. Others decide to knock on all doors. How to prepare for a Christmas carol?

The clergy will soon visit the faithful. How the carol 2023 will go

How to prepare carol?

When preparing for a carol visit, remember to cover the table with a white tablecloth. We put a cross on it and light the candles. You should also have a vessel with holy water and a sprinkler. If you don't have holy water, you can ask a priest to consecrate the water we have prepared.

Many of the faithful make offerings to priests during pastoral visits. It should be emphasized that they are voluntary, so no clergyman can demand their compulsory submission, let alone indicate the amounts to be included in the envelope.

If we cannot host a clergyman on the appointed date, there will be no serious consequences, especially if it happens for random reasons.

The clergy will visit the faithful soon. How will the carol 2023 be conducted

And how is the carol going in your parishes?

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