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SOPFEU is working to be ready earlier this year

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SOPFEU wants to be ready earlier than usual this year to fight forest fires.

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The Company for the Protection of Forests Against Fire (SOPFEU) intends to bring forward the entry into office of certain employees due to the risks fires that are already on the horizon.

SOPFEU has just released a fire risk bulletin for Montérégie, Estrie, Centre-du-Québec and southern Outaouais. This is the first time that a bulletin has been released so early in the season.

Contracts could also be brought forward , like those with helicopter transport companies.

The prevention and communications coordinator, Stéphane Caron, explains that this winter is special due to the low amounts of snow that has fallen.

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As soon as the snow cover disappears from an area, dead vegetation is revealed from last year. Bush is vegetation that dries out very, very quickly, because it only takes a little wind and sun. It becomes a potential fuel that can ignite very quickly, said Mr. Caron in an interview on the show It's never the same.

As soon as the cover disappears snow, we can expect fires.

A quote from Stéphane Caron, prevention and communications coordinator, SOPFEU

SOPFEU is already working to be ready earlier than usual. She is particularly busy finalizing her recruitment period. According to the organization's forecasts, the forest fire season could begin three weeks earlier.

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Brush fires are common in spring .

Inevitably there will be more fires, as there will be a longer period for spring fires . As for the intensity of the fires, it is too early to predict it, because it could be offset by the rain, mentions Stéphane Caron.

He recalls that in Quebec, 80% of forest fires are caused by human actions. The spring period is particularly auspicious. Mr. Caron deplores that many citizens still choose to burn their waste during this season, which is a very risky practice. Every year, as many as 75 forest fires are started this way.

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