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South Korea: Jin, first member of BTS released from military service

The elder of the K-pop phenomenon group BTS, Jin, was released Wednesday from her mandatory military service in South Korea and greeted by other members of the boy band who hugged her. in their arms, RM performing one of their hits on the saxophone to celebrate the event.

Six members of the septet are still serving in the army – an obligation in South Korea where all able-bodied men are called up for at least 18 months under the flags due to tensions with the North -, forcing the boys most popular band in the world to take a break since 2022.

South Korea: Jin, first member of BTS released from military service

Jin (g), a member of boy band BTS, is saluted by RM (r) after being released from his mandatory military service outside the training camp in Yeoncheon, South Korea, June 12, 2024 © AFP – Jung Yeon-je

Jin, aged 31 and the first to enlist, came out of Yeoncheon training camp, 40 km north of Seoul. He was greeted by other members of the group, J-hope, V, RM who played the chorus of BTS' hit “Dynamite” on the saxophone as well as Jungkook and Jimin.

Outside the base, fans hung colorful banners that read: “Seok-jin, you have done a good job for the past 548 days. We will support you with our unwavering love,” saying referring to the star by his full first name.

Yeoncheon County put up its own banner reading “BTS Jin, the past year and a half has been a joy for us. Yeoncheon will not forget you!”.

< IMG Alt = "AFP" SRC = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/tv-drl1kx637jt7ln42o2cpqqjc=/600x/smart/5df2c7aac06d468f9b8817d4a618e439/ccmcms-6089615 JPG " />Firefighters walk past a banner showing a photo of Jin, a member of K-pop group BTS, outside the Yeoncheon training camp on June 12, 2024. © AFP – Jung Yeon-je

Fans were asked not to attend, and there were only a few fans present outside the camp early Wednesday.

< p> “Even though my hands were shaking and my muscles were stiff, I was so happy to see him,” breathes Natose Sunagawa, a 19-year-old admirer from Tokyo.

Holding a plush doll of Jin, she says she came because she “absolutely wanted to meet him”.

“Since not all BTS members have completed their military service, I think Jin will release solo music. I want to buy his solo albums and go to concerts,” adds the young woman, wiping away a few tears.

The seven group members appeared together in a photo posted on BTS' official X account on Wednesday, in a room decorated with balloons reading: “Jin is back” .

“I cried when I was discharged” from my military service, Jin said live on Weverse, a social network for K- fans pop, claiming to have “done well” under the flags.

– “Huggathon” –

HYBE , BTS' agency, announced at the beginning of the week the demobilization of Jin on Weverse.

It comes just before the 11th anniversary of the boy band's debut. The HYBE office in Seoul as well as some local cafes were decked out in purple, BTS' iconic color, to mark the event.

Jin will participate in a “huggathon” — a marathon of hugs — on Thursday, during which he will hug 1,000 fans drawn at random through a raffle on Weverse. It was his idea, Jin said on the social network. He will then perform his first concert in two years.

South Korea: Jin, first member of BTS released from military service

Boy band BTS member Jin (c) salutes after being discharged from military service alongside fellow members RM (d) and Jimin (g) outside the training camp in Yeoncheon, South Korea , June 12, 2024 © AFP – Jung Yeon-je

“It is important that Jin completed his military service without any problems, because for a male K-pop idol, military service is the biggest pitfall” for his career, Yoo Sung- emphasized man, analyst at Leading Investment and Securities.

“Jin's release is a positive sign for the entertainment sector's stock prices,” he noted.

According to him, “female K-pop idols have achieved good results, but there has been a gap when it comes to male idols reaching a large audience.”

HYBE's stock price was affected by a conflict with the producer of the girlband phenomenon NewJeans, Min Hee-jin.

“A Once Jin resumes solo activities, it will certainly lead to an increase” in the stock price, Mr. Yoo told AFP.

HYBE's stock had gained 2% at the start of the day on Wednesday.

“BTS represents a large part of HYBE's profits, so it is very encouraging that the end of BTS members' military service has begun,” Mr. Yoo observed.

The next BTS member to complete his military service will be J-hope, who will be released in October. The others will complete their service in June 2025.

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