Spanish prosecutors demand 8-year sentence for Shakira


    Spanish prosecutor's office requires 8- Shakira's summer imprisonment

    In addition, the prosecutor's office is demanding a fine of 23 million euros.

    45-year-old Colombian singer Shakira can be sentenced to 8 years in prison. Reuters writes about it.

    The Spanish prosecutor's office the day before asked for more than eight years in prison for the artist and a fine of more than 23 million euros (approximately 857 million hryvnias) in a tax fraud case in the amount of 14.5 million euros.

    The singer herself and her lawyers are still did not comment on the new course of the scandalous case.

    Some time before the new statement by the Spanish prosecutors, the Colombian celebrity turned down an offer to close the fraud case, in which she is accused of not paying taxes between 2012 and 2014. As the singer herself and her representatives note, Shakira did not live in Spain at that time, but her official residence was located in the Bahamas.

    Spanish prosecutors demand Shakira's 8-year sentence

    The 45-year-old singer is ready to stand trial instead of accepting an agreement offered by Spanish prosecutors to settle the charges. After all, according to the prosecutor's office, Shakira deceived the Spanish government for 14.5 million euros without paying taxes on her activities.

    The singer “believes in her innocence and decided to leave this issue in the hands of the law,” says PR company Llorente y Cuenca.

    Spanish prosecutors demand Shakira's 8-year sentence

    Shakira's representatives reported that she paid the amount the singer owed to the Spanish Tax Authority, so the artist has no outstanding tax debts .


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