Special text from PS: The EU has started a two-front energy war against Russia


PS party secretary Luukkanen: “There must be raffle headlines to make the journalist wake up.”

Special text from PS: EU has started a two-front energy war against Russia

PS: n party secretary Arto Luukkanen. Photo from PS's Seinäjoki party meeting from last August. Luukkanen was elected PS party secretary at the meeting. Henri Kärkkä[email protected] at 14:43

PS party official Matti Putkonen's e-mail sent an invitation to the party's Worker's inch hour event on Thursday.

The invitation presents the themes of the event. The text of the invitation is quite confusing to read. It asks, “will the two-front energy war started by the EU in the name of climate change and against Russia eventually lead to economic bankruptcy and the disintegration of the EU?”

Iltalehti could not reach Putkos for comment matter. Instead, Iltalehti reached party secretary Arto Luukkanen. He will appear at the event together with the chairman of the party With Riikka Purra.

Arto Luukkanen, does PS now think that the EU has started a two-front energy war against Russia?

– Well, no. I think you've got it wrong now. It's a raffle headline, not us now…There has to be raffle headlines to get the editor to wake up. Now I don't think that (the EU starting an energy war against Russia) is the issue.

However, that is what the invitation says.

– Yes. Well, but hey! This is a bit like an advertisement: come see and you will hear.


– Welcome!

Ah. p>

Is something like this worth joking about?

– It's not. It's a provocative question.

At the event, chairman Riikka Purra is scheduled to present PS's new foreign and security policy program.


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