Speed ​​cameras: the lack of insurance verbalized? The top 10 flashiest

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Speed ​​cameras: the lack of insurance verbalized? The top 10 of those who flash the most

RADARS – The 2018 results for speed cameras are in. Which speed cameras flashed the most? in 2018? Le Figaro also announces new functions with the possibility of to also check the lack of insurance on a flashed vehicle.

[Updated day on October 15, 2019   6:37 p.m.] The 2018 report for automatic speed cameras has fallen. and the first info on what's new at coming in the next few months on the fleet of automatic speed cameras are starting to increase; filter. The site of the newspaper Le Figaro thus announces in an article published; this October 15 that a motorist flashed; for speeding will also soon be checked. about his insurance policy situation.

How ? Quite simply by cross-referencing its license plate with the new file of insured vehicles (FVA) created; at the beginning of 2019. The daily specifies that a period of clemency will be granted, the uninsured driver and flashed being notified by mail but not verbalized; for that other offence. This will soon change with à term a fixed fine of 500 euros,  reduced to 400 euros if payment is made within 15 days or increased to 1000 euros after 45 days. The objective is to fight against this scourge which is expensive since 700,000 drivers would drive without insurance today!

another emergency the revenue generated by automatic speed cameras on the roads of France in 2018 amounted to; 864.4 million euros, compared to 1.013 billion euros in 2017. A decrease which, according to the Ministry of the Interior, results from the obligation given e employers to denounce their employees who commit offenses on the road. the end of the year 2018 also taints this 2018 assessment of speed cameras, causing the loss of around 300 million euros to the radars. State according to Security road, such as the reduction linked to "the decriminalization of paid parking, decided in 2015 and came into force on January 1, 2018".

The fine was indeed replaced by the post-parking package (FPS). Finally, the government explains that the 864.4 million euros earned by automatic speed cameras in 2018 have to be paid for. 20.9% ("nearly 180 million euros") served "to deleverage the State", while 79.1% (684 million euros) have been "assigned to; the fight against insecurity road, with development, maintenance and prevention actions" deployed at national and local levels. ; security road”, with an increase of “88.7 billion euros between 2017 and 2018”. Find below the list of the ten radars that have flashed the most. last year.

Speed ​​camera map: the speed cameras that flash the most

Every year, the Sécurite  routière publishes the ranking of the speed cameras that flashed the most in France last year. In 2018, it was the Cagnes-sur-Mer radar, on the A8 motorway, which reported the most incidents. of motorists with a total of 115,558 flashes. It dethrones that of Etrembieres on the A40 motorway in the Chamonix-Mâcon direction, which arrives this year in second position with 112,684 flashes. Find the ranking of the ten speed cameras with the most flashes. in 2018 below!

Top 10 most flashy speed cameras in 2018:

  1. Radar on the A8 motorway in the Nice-Cannes direction Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes): 115,558 flashes
  2. Radar on the A40 motorway in the Chamonix-Mâcon direction at Etrembières (Haute-Savoie): 112 684 flashes
  3. Radar on the A10 motorway in the province-Paris direction at Janvry (Essonne): 111 728 flashes
  4. Radar on the A31 motorway in the Metz-Toul direction at Maxéville (Meurthe-et-Moselle): 105 134 flashes
  5. Radar on the A709 motorway in the direction of Nîmes-Béziers at Montpellier (Hérault): 104,876 flashes
  6. Radar on the A10 motorway in the Paris-Chartres direction at Massy (Essonne): 103,954 flashes
  7. Radar on the A10 motorway in the Paris-Chartres direction at Briis-sous-Forges (Essonne): 90,823 flashes
  8. Radar on the A35 motorway in the Colmar-Strasbourg direction at Geispolsheim (Bas-Rhin): 89,099 flashes
  9. Radar on the RD 907 in the Cavaillon-Avignon direction Avignon (Vaucluse): 87,836 flashes
  10. Radar on the A8 motorway in the Puget-sur-Argens-Mandelieu-la-Napoule direction at Les Adrets de l'Estérel (Var): 80 753 flashes
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    New speed cameras: this   what to expect

    The radar arsenal promises to expand further in the coming years. If the hypothesis of checks by drones navigating above the highways still seems ambitious or even preposterous, other solutions are about to be found. see the light of day thanks to; impressive technical progress. Among the new weapons, the all-in-one radar, the formidable Mesta Fusion designed by the company Safran, promises to make its appearance very soon on the side of our roads. This turret radar could make it possible to multiply the number of offenses targeted: lack of insurance but also wearing of seat belts; or telephone while driving are mentioned! 

    Modernization also involves the arrival of new miniaturized radars to replace the famous binoculars of the military forces. 39;order. We have dedicated an explanatory subject via the new Truspeed speed camera.

    Private speed cameras: where; are we there?

    The privatization of speed cameras has started well! After the first experiments, the private radar embarked in a car entrusted  private operators arrive. The cars started to flash on April 23, 2018. Normandy is the territory chosen to launch the operation but all regions should be equipped with them by 2019-2020. These cars Speed ​​cameras will soon be driven everywhere by drivers mandated by a private company, approved by the State. These companies will be responsible for following pre-established routes. You can find all the information by clicking below.

    All speed cameras in France

    The 2017 finance law provides for an increase in the number of automatic speed cameras in France: from 4,450 at the end of 2016, the number has gone up; to 4,600 devices at the end of 2017 and even 4,700 in 2018. little replaced by more modern devices, including in particular the two-way function to control the two traffic axes. What to be therefore more effective. The State also prides itself on an increase in revenue related to radar checks: +25% or 844 million euros in 2017 against 672 million in 2016. Over the years, the fleet of radars has been enriched with many devices to diversify the type of checks. Alongside fixed radars, there are now many devices:

    • Construction radars are now officially called autonomous radars >. These are mobile devices, easily moved to be installed at the edges of the roads and automatically flash drivers who are speeding.
    • Red light cameras: Appearing in 2009, red light cameras have been introduced. installed in town at crossroads, crossings; levels or on major axes. To be flashed for crossing a red light is a serious offence, punishable by the loss of four points on the driving license and a fixed fine of 135 euros.
    • On-board radar or mobile radar: On-board radar has come a long way. in recent years. Their number has increased but, above all, the technology has evolved. We speak today of "mobile mobile radars". They are integrated with; unmarked cars invisible to motorists. Until then led by uniformed police officers, they will be entrusted to from 2017     operators of private companies, approved by the State and circulating on programmed routes. The penalties are the same as for excessive speed detected by a fixed speed camera.
    • Decoy Radar: This is the latest brainchild of the authorities: decoy zones. On a route where accidents are considered to be frequent, it will be possible to install an autonomous radar that can be moved regularly and supported, in a second phase, by false radar cabins. The motorist will not know the exact positioning of the radar likely to flash him. The first devices were installed in 2016 in Pas-de-Calais.
    • Pedestrian radar: The first devices are in the test phase. According to Auto-Plus, a first pedestrian radar will be installed; to Lyons. In the form of a mast and several cameras discerning pedestrians and vehicles, this radar can read approaching plates and film motorists not giving priority. to pedestrians. The scene is transmitted to the municipal police who will then decide, after viewing, whether or not to issue a ticket to the motorist.
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