Spider-Man: the mess continues with series on Amazon

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Amazon has signed a deal with Sony and announces the arrival of series around Spider-Man including Silk: Spider Society, a Lord and Miller production by Angela Kang.

The battle for the rights of Spider-Man has induced a happy mess in the Hollywood landscape. Marvel and Sony put together different versions of Spider-Man with The Amazing Spider-Manand Andrew Garfield at Sony, released in 2012 and 2014, and a more juvenile version starring Tom Holland, sequels to a deal between Disney and the Japanese multinational, whose first canon solo film in the MCU was Spider-Man : Homecoming in 2017.

And with Sam Raimi's Spider-Man as well, no wonder with the fad of the multiverse, we had the right to see these three versions united in the very mediocre Spider-Man: No Way Home. Only Amazon, after signing a deal with Sony and Warner – which saw the platform snag recent spider-themed features – is about to add another layer of mess. The giant's desire is to capitalize on the character and according to Variety, Amazon has announced several series projects, including a first named Silk: Spider Society.

The next series about the friendly neighborhood spider universe will focus on an all-new Spidey. Like Spider-Man: Next Generation, which introduced Miles Morales, it will be a question of presenting Silk or Cindy Moon – hitherto unknown to the audiovisual landscape despite an adaptation project discussed since 2020 – an American student of Korean origin bitten just after Peter by the same spider.

In the comics, her powers are initially out of control and she is locked up for protection in a bunker, then tortured by Ezekiel Sims in order to control her powers. After which, she takes on the role of vigilante. Another Spider-Woman, after Gwen Stacy and Peni Parker in the animated film. But above all, he is the first character around the spider to have his own live series.

No one knows if the series will pick up Silk's origin story. Still, if the captivity of the character is illustrated, the threat hanging over her, namely the Heirs, will certainly be there. As a result, opening up production to the gates of the multiverse hangs by a thread. The Spider Society of the title would go in this direction too.

A as much hypothesis more cohesive given the producing duo: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller already writers and producers on the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Next Generation. And as showrunner, we will find Angela Kang, the co-pilot of the series The Walking Dead. But to find out more on the subject and on the next projects around the superhero, we will have to wait for various press releases from the platform. For now, Silk: Spider Society, for lack of a release date, will certainly see the light of day on Amazon in France.

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