Splatoon 3 review: real sequel? Or just an update?

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We tested for you Splatoon 3, the new opus of the famous license exclusively on Nintendo Switch… Here is our opinion!

Splatoon 3 review: real sequel? Or simple update?

Five years after the release of the second opus, the Splatoon license is back for a third new episode and still exclusive to the Nintendo console. With over 18 million copies sold since the first game arrived in 2015, Splatoon is a strong Big N series, highly anticipated by many fans.

Last month, we have We've already been able to approach the title for more than an hour just to get our first idea of ​​this new game. Here is our final opinion on all of Splatoon 3.

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Splatoon 3, welcome to Cité-Clabousse

Your adventure in Splatoon 3 begins at a bus stop where you will customize your character and your Salmioche (your little companion who will follow you throughout your journey). Of course, we're not in The Sims and your customization options will be limited. Choose a haircut, a garment, a color and it will be time to board the bus to reach Cité-Clabousse.

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This new city will have the role of embodying your HUB allowing you to access all the game modes that Splatoon 3 can offer you. As soon as you arrive in Cité-Clabousse, you can go to the lobby to connect. Unfortunately, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be required. Otherwise, it will be impossible to log in. So when you go for a walk in the streets of Cité-Clabousse, you won't be able to do anything. Not all of the shops will be accessible, because you absolutely have to be online, and therefore have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to buy clothes, weapons and other items. Too bad.

Splatoon 3 review: real sequel? Or simple update?

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It is from this HUB that you can go to the different modes multiplayer games (which will also require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription). You will have access to local multiplayer (which will be accessible to him without a subscription). Unfortunately, it is not possible to play two, three or four on the same machine.

Finally, it is also in Cité-Clabousse that you will be able to go to Alterna to discover the story mode of Splatoon 3.

The sectors of Alterna

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The story mode of Splatoon 3 takes you to the world of Alterna, divided into six sectors in which you will be able to cross several levels with various and varied missions. The different sectors are covered with a strange toxic substance that you will have to clean with your Salmioche. For this you must complete levels, achieve objectives, earn eggs, which will allow your companion to have sufficient strength to push back the toxic zone.

In the cleaned parts, you will be able to discover objects, items or even sardiniums. These bonuses will grant you the possibility of improving your character via a skill tree. Thanks to this, you will be stronger, your Salmioche more efficient and it will make your adventure easier. You are going to be able to run faster in painting enemies, have a better rate of fire, etc…

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As for new levels in Splatoon 3 , these are quite nice. The difficulty will increase crescendo (without becoming insurmountable, even if certain challenges against the clock can give a little hard time). The objectives are varied, which prevents us from having this painful impression of always doing the same thing.

In some levels you will simply have to go from point A to point B, killing your enemies. Others will ask you to repaint a painting by helping you from the different platforms of the level, others will ask you to use only your Salmioche, etc… For a platform game, it's really interesting to see the various tasks to be accomplished.

The “shooting” part is also very pleasant. You can choose to aim “normally” with your joysticks or with the Switch's gyroscope function. You must alternate between shooting and recharging your paint gauge by turning into a squid.

Splatoon 3 review: real sequel? Or just updated?

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Before each level starts, you have to choose between three weapons. Usually there is a “recommended” weapon and two other weapons, less practical, but which yield more eggs. This system is great because it allows you to test the entire arsenal of the game.

Splatoon 3's story mode will take you about six hours straight. You will face some boss fights which, again, are not insurmountable with some cutscenes to remind us that the title has a scenario. Nothing amazing here, and it's clearly not for the narrative part that you're going to play Splatoon 3. It can be summed up very simply: bad guys are coming to wreak havoc on Alterna, you have to fight them to save the world.

Multiple, no major changes, always simple and effective

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As we mentioned to you in our preview last month, there are no major changes to the multiplayer game. We find the famous mode “territory war” which opposes two teams of four players. In a given time, you will have to repaint as many areas of the map as possible to win. For this, you must kill your opponents to make them reappear in their side of the MAP to give you time to progress in the opposing camp. At the end of the time, the team that has painted the most areas wins the game.

We also find Salmon Run, which this time is a cooperative game mode. Four players unite to take on waves of enemies. The objective is to beat bosses to collect eggs. Of course, other, smaller adversaries arrive in waves to give you a hard time. In this game mode, it is important to collaborate to tell our teammates where the bosses are.

Splatoon 3 review: real-sequel? Or just update?

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If you ever die, you must also report it to your friends so that they come to revive you. If everyone on your team dies or you fail to reach the egg goal each wave, you lose the game. Again, this is a simple game mode, but terribly effective.

These two modes are also accessible locally (which does not require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription). Unfortunately, and this is quite rare for Nintendo games, it is not possible to play several on the same console.

Our opinion on Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 turns out to be a nice platform/shooter game that will delight fans of the saga and that can be a nice surprise for players who are unfamiliar with the game's universe and atmosphere. Between the single player mode and the multiplayer part, the title promises a few very fun hours.

On the other hand, the title looks more like a big update of Splatoon 2, than a real new opus. Apart from the new levels in the single player mode and the two or three new weapons/items, Splatoon 3 leaves us wanting more. We regret that the title does not offer local multiplayer on the same console, which could have been a very good point and a good novelty for solo cooperation or the Salmon Run mode.

Splatoon 3


Splatoon Test 3: real sequel or simple update? /></p><p> 7</p><h3>Overall Rating</h3><p> 7.0/10</p><ul class=

  • We love

    • A fun game accessible to all
    • The possibility of aiming with the gyroscopes or the joysticks
    • A rather solid story mode with many levels
    • The multiplayer mode, always simple and effective

    We like it less

    • Technically, a little weak
    • No multiplayer on the same console
    • The obligation to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to access items (weapons, clothing, etc.) in Cité-Clabousse
    • Few major new features compared to Splatoon 2
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