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Spotify and Deezer do not want

Who still listens to music from the free versions of paid platforms? There are ad-free music streaming sites, which can be used without having to pay. pay a cent.

Listen to streaming music for free and without advertising. This can be a real challenge, as most free streaming services include ads to fund their business model. And most users agree to listen to or watch advertising. in return for a few moments of music.

However, it is a real pleasure not to be interrupted by untimely announcements, completely obtrusive and very invasive: sometimes, they even slip into the middle of the songs, like on Youtube Music. And on Spotify or Deezer, advertising is a real embarrassment for music lovers.

However, there are some solutions for listening to music streaming for free and without advertising. Do you know what is the best way to do this?

If you are thinking about ad blockers for listening to Spotify Free or Deezer Free, yes, that can be an option. But this method can violate the platforms' terms of service and be pretty damn harmful for the artists you like, because ads are a source of income for them. /p>

Another good plan: if you have access to At a local or university library, find out if they offer a free music streaming service at your local library. their members. These services may offer benefits such as ad-free listening.

But there is one solution that we prefer above all and that Spotify or Deezer are careful not to mention: there are streaming radio applications or sites such as iHeartRadio, TuneIn, or AccuRadio. And if the online streaming giants don't want this to be known, it's for a purely economic reason: if users turn away from their paid or free versions with advertising, they don't want to know about it. to go elsewhere, this translates into financial losses for them.

Among the streaming radio sites that we really appreciate a lot at the editorial staff of Linternaute, there is the Jango site (and application).

Jango is a free music streaming service without advertising, and it is possible to skip songs as many times as whenever desired (unlike Fip for example, another excellent alternative). Jango offers a wide variety of products. music and artists. And the service has immense strengths, like being able to search for artists or music genres in a search bar, like in a paid streaming service. The only downside to Jango is that it doesn't have many features like the ability to play games. to mix the stations, but it is very incidental.

Teilor Stone

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