Spotify gets its hands on the Heardle trivia game, the musical Wordle


Spotify gets its hands on the Heardle trivia game, the musical Wordle

Spotify says it wants to allow artists to discover their music through the “Heardle” game.

Music streaming platform Spotify is the new owner of the free music game Heardle, where you have to guess the title of a song by listening to the first seconds of it.

This is the first game that the Swedish giant has made acquisition. Heardle emerged in the wake of the massive success enjoyed by Wordle, from which it is visibly inspired. This last game was bought by the New York Times last January, just months after it went live.

The transaction amount for the acquisition of Heardle has not been disclosed. The game will remain completely free, according to Spotify in a blog post.

The operation of the game is simple. Players can first listen to a single second of the beginning of the song to be named. If this second is not enough, it can be extended five times, up to 16 seconds.

The goal: to recognize the song by listening to as few notes as possible . You can then share your result on social networks. If you can't name the track, you can still listen to a 30-second clip.

Spotify says this will help artists grow their audience. We're always looking for innovative and fun ways to improve the discoverability of music and help artists grow their fan base,” said Jeremy Erlich, Global Music Director at Spotify. Heardle has proven to be a really fun way to expose millions of people to known and loved songs, and new songs too.

< p class="e-p">While Heardle previously sourced his musical excerpts from the SoundCloud platform, Spotify will now offer this service.

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