SQDC: Drummondville branch closed until July 11


SQDC: the Drummondville branch closed until July 11

The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) confirms the closure of its Drummondville branch until July 11 inclusive.

The labor dispute in more than twenty SQDC branches is stalling, according to the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). The latter denounces the attitude of the employer party, forced to keep branches closed for the next few days. The one in Drummondville will be closed until July 11 inclusively.

Like 21 other branches in the province, the Drummondville branch is indeed hit by an indefinite strike called by CUPE workers on May 20.

We are reducing hours and we are let's close some temporarily, because you know, the managers who provide the service need a little respite, explains SQDC spokesperson Fabrice Giguère.

The union says, however, that a reconciliation in terms of wages would turn the tide.

The employer is losing money at a cost of millions of dollars while if the money was brought to the table, we would probably already be back to work, insists the president of local 5454 at CUPE, David Clément.

According to him, the latest employer offer of $17.46 per hour is unacceptable.

We believe that government corporations in Quebec should set an example in terms of working conditions. Currently, especially with the economic condition of the SQDC and the economic condition that we know with inflation, the price of gas, food and housing, we consider that indeed, a salary below $20 a year he hour is derisory for a government corporation in financial health like the SQDC, he says.

Union member Kimberly Dufaut also believes it is legitimate to fight for treatment similar to that offered at the SAQ. We would like not to have to fight for 60 years to have our conditions and a salary that we fully deserve!, She underlines.

Like 21 other branches in the provinces, the Drummondville SQDC is hit by an indefinite strike.

In any case, the SQDC reminds that the file is following its course with the help of a mediator from the Ministry of Labour.

We will not negotiate in the public square and we will keep the confidential nature of the exchanges and conversations at the table provided for this purpose. Our objective is always the same: to reach a negotiated agreement to the satisfaction of all parties concerned, says Fabrice Giguère.

With information from Jean-François Dumas


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