SQDC: the employer obtains an order to limit the actions of the strikers

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SQDC: the employer obtains an order to limit the actions of the strikers

The union members are demanding, among other things, wages comparable to those of other companies.

The Quebec Cannabis Society has obtained an order for x27;temporary injunction to limit the actions that strikers can take near its establishments.

The Superior Court has in fact just partially accepted the request addressed to it by the SQDC.

She issued such an interim order, which covers excessive noise, intimidation, insults, the distance to be maintained by picketers, as well as the use of paint, graffiti, banners , oil on windows and doors.

A strike affects 22 of the 90 branches of the SQDC throughout Quebec.

These branches remain open; they are cadres who take care of the different tasks during the strike.

They are members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), affiliated with the FTQ, who have still not concluded the renewal of their collective agreement. The strike began at the end of May.

About half of the branches have unionized staff.

The SQDC has reached to agree with the other unions of the Federation of Public Service Employees, affiliated to the CSN, which are however less numerous. But CUPE union members, affiliated with the FTQ, deemed this agreement insufficient.

Management welcomed the Superior Court's decision.

The SQDC recognizes the right of association and the right of employees to exercise the means of pressure provided for in the laws in force. The order supports the Company's desire to provide a safe environment for its employees and customers to carry out its mission of converting the illegal market, she commented.

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