Square Enix axes Babylon's Fall game, a monumental failure

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Square Enix axes Babylon’s Fall game, a monumental failure

Image taken from the game “Babylon's Fall”

Launched just a few months ago, the game Babylon's Fall,from Japanese studios Square Enix and PlatinumGames, will see its servers disconnected on February 28. The news was announced on the game's social networks on Tuesday.

Released in March 2022 on PC and PlayStation 4 and 5, the game was received very coldly by critics and the public . Reviews collected by review aggregation site Metacritic are almost unanimously negative about the hack ā€˜nā€™ slash style game.(literally cut and slice, which centers around close quarters third-person combat with melee weapons).

Babylon's Fall featured a multiplayer mode which has been developed with the aim of regularly offering new seasons with improved content. Square Enix and PlatinumGames studios also intended to monetize this aspect with microtransactions within the game, which was strongly criticized, while the title was sold, in its basic version, at a price of $80.

< p class="e-p">A high-priced game shouldn't have microtransactions, protested one person who wrote an online review on Metacritic. This game is built on the model of free-to-play games, but sold for the price of a complete game.

Several people also complained about the game's graphics [bad like the first PS3 games] and its boring storyline.

The public was obviously not there. The site Steam Charts, which publishes data on the number of players in real time on the Steam video game distribution platform, recorded a maximum number of 1166 people who simultaneously played the PC version of the game. since launch.

Babylon's Fall will continue to be updated until it is fully unplugged on February 28. After that date, you won't be able to play it again, even if you bought it, according to a note on the game's website.

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