Home News Squatted house: did the couple lie about their story? Big revelations unveiled

Squatted house: did the couple lie about their story? Big revelations unveiled

Squatted house: did the couple lie about their history? Big dreams ;lations Unveiled

It is this morning on its Twitter account that the newspaper Le Parisien admits to having been misled. The June 8 report on Laurent and Élodie was partly wrong.

This Saturday, June 11, 2022, Le Parisien gives details on its report of June 8. The report, a five-minute video, posted on Twitter, showed a couple on the verge of despair. The video tells the story of Laurent and Élodie who bought a house then occupied by squatters. They explained that they had acquired the house with confidence after having visited it three times. On May 19, 2021, following the signing at the notary, they go to their house to celebrate the event. But what was their surprise when they found themselves faced with squatters. The locks had been changed and the house was then occupied by a couple and their four children.

The journalist from Le Parisien asks several times if they knew that the house was occupied. Laurent replies that during the three visits made in September 2021, the squatters “were not there“. And when the journalist asks: “At that time, you had no idea that there were people squatting?The couple replied: “No, when we visited it, there was a mattress on the floor (…) We thought that a person could have slept there, with the presence of this mattress, but we did not imagine that a family had settled“.

The couple would in fact already know about the squatters!

However, a Facebook video proves that the couple knew . It was the real estate consultant, Samira Casolari, who made the sale, which is expressed in a video. “It is a property at a very attractive cost, because of all the restoration work, because of the occupation of the squatters, which still needs to be taken care of, there are procedures to put in place. It is indeed because of the works and the squatters that the price of the house was so attractive. 140,000 euros for a house of 70 square meters with a plot of 1,800 square meters. Le Parisien specifies today in its press release that there would not even have been a key handover during the sale. Beautiful media staging which would have, despite everything, succeeded in getting the squatters out of the house on the night of Thursday to Friday.

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