Squeezie launches “Ouéskilé”, an immersive hide-and-seek with Amine, Billy and Joyca

  • Squeezie launches “ Ouéskil”, an immersive hide-and-seek with Amine , Billy and Joyca

    The Youtuber unveils his new concept of giant hide-and-seek at Paris la Défense Arena which brings together more than 1600 people. A life-size event shared on his Youtube account this Wednesday, April 27, in which Amine, Billy and Joyca face off.

    Incredible but true ! Squeezie launches a huge hide-and-seek inspired by the famous comic “but where's Charlie? “. An event already teased by the main interested party on his Twitter account on April 24, which Internet users were eager to discover on his channel.

    For this very first edition, the rules are simple. Each candidate has a limited time of 5 minutes to hide among the packed crowd of 1,600 extras, all gathered in the Paris La Défense Arena. The other three players then have 10 minutes to find it and this time, it’s Billy, Amine and Joyca who stick to it! To guide them through the multiple areas of the field (skate park, bouncy castles, concerts, etc.), players are entitled to jokers and special tools. Costumes and accessories required to blend in with the crowd, this completely quirky game will even be hosted by a DJ, just that!

    YouTuber on all fronts

    Gaming content, comics, motor racing… Squeezie alias Lucas Hauchard continues to renew itself over the years. Known to the general public from the age of 15, the young man has come a long way! Today, the YouTuber with 16.8 million subscribers has more than 360 million views on his hit series Horror Threads. >scary anecdotes unearthed on the internet. “There is a forum with lots of themes. Some posts are related to horror where people share their horrifying experience, these are real testimonials, normally, of things they have experienced. I tell myself that it can happen to anyone and so it scares me, and I like to be scared. », he confided on the show C à vous.

    One thing is certain, Squeezie is definitely the benchmark for French Youtube!

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