Squid Game: Netflix launches a new reality TV show with a large sum of money to be won


Squid Game: Netflix Launches New TV Show -reality with a large sum of money to be won

Netflix will soon launch a new reality TV show inspired by the hit series Squid Game. Hundreds of players will compete for a colossal sum and the castings are already open. All info here.

Squid Game is one of the most popular series of all time on Netflix. The first season, available since September 17, 2021, really captured the hearts of fans. The pitch? People in financial difficulty compete in a mysterious survival competition. But the children’s games they participate in actually turn out to be very deadly. Giving a completely different turn to the lives of the 456 participants. And the fans are not at the end of their surprise. The streaming platform recently made two announcements. Season 2 is due out soon. But that's not all! Netflix also ordered a whole new reality TV show strongly inspired by the South Korean series. This new concept, never seen before, should be called Squid Game The Challenge. It remains to be seen what the conditions will beā€¦hoping that they are not as murky as in the show.

In this new reality show, 456 players will face each other in a series of games and must be the last survivor to hope for victory. And hold on tight, the sum is as colossal as in the series. Something to turn heads. Moreover, the casting is already open! We can read on the official website of the cast: “With the biggest cast in reality TV history, 456 real gamers will enter the game for a chance to win $4.56 million in life-changing cash prizes” . Of course, Squid Game The Challenge shouldn't be as deadly as it is on the show. It states: “Whether they win or lose, all players will come out unscathed”. However, to hope to participate in this new reality TV, several conditions must be met.

The conditions for participating in Squid Game The Challenge

Fortunately, Squid Game The Challenge will not be accessible to everyone. Several conditions must necessarily be met to have the chance to participate in the games. First of all, it is essential to speak English but also to have the international majority. Namely 21 years old and not 18 years old. Finally, it must be available for four weeks at the beginning of the year 2023. We can therefore assume that the shooting will take place around this date and that it will still be necessary to wait a few months for the broadcast on Netflix. Anyway, each future player will have to send a presentation video to register for the casting. This video must be one minute long and will aim to explain their motivations. So, ready to get started? The casting is open!