Squid Game: season 2 confirmed by Netflix

Squid Game: Season 2 confirmed by Netflix

It’s confirmed! Squid Game will be back with a season 2! Information shared by Netflix on Instagram and which is already causing a lot of reactions from fans of the series.

The little bombshell from South Korea is coming back with a new plot! After a successful first season, Netflix has decided to renew the series. A quick recap of Squid Game Season 1 is in order to refresh your memory! 456 candidates compete in a competition punctuated by tests inspired by Korean children’s games. The jackpot at stake? 45.6 billion won, or 32 million euros. On paper, this is a dream competition to change your life! But the candidates are quickly disillusioned… Before thinking about winning, you still have to survive! When the candidates lose a test, they are shot without warning.

But what do we already know about this season 2? Release date, cast, plots… some information has already been sharedby Netflix and by Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk. The latter made some revelations to the magazine Vanity Fair. Seong Gi-hun, a debt-ridden unemployed man and one of viewers' favorite characters, will most definitely return in Season 2. He also alluded to Hwang In-ho, the masked agent, though he didn't mention him clearly. His words also give free rein to our imagination: β€œHumanity is going to be tested by these games once again. I want to ask the following question: β€˜Is true solidarity between humans possible?’”, he adds.

Squid Game will soon be back on our screens

Netflix unveils a first visual of this season 2 of Squid Game on Instagram! It’s a close shot of an eye that is reminiscent of the murderous giant doll of season 1. Indeed, this episode had been one of the most significant with the first game: One, Two, Three, Sun. An episode where the candidates discover that defeat of the test rhymes with immediate death! The visual also features the three flagship symbols of Squid Game: the circle, the triangle and the square. Details that recall the plot of season 1, but do not yet reveal what awaits viewers in this season 2! We will still have to be patient before learning more about it!

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