Stade de France fiasco – The bitterness of Liverpool supporters

EPISODE 4. Thirty-three years after the Hillsborough tragedy, Reds fans are once again showing their pain. Some call for the resignation of Gérald Darmanin.

Stade de France fiasco – The bitterness of Liverpool supporters

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Sheffield, April 15, 1989. The FA Cup semi-final between Nottingham and Liverpool will never take place. A few hours before kick-off, the flow of spectators entering the Hillsborough stadium slows down: the turnstiles malfunction. Overwhelmed, the police opened another door and ordered the many fans to sneak into the tunnel leading to the stadium without going through the box office.

In a few minutes, 2,000 people were swept away by the flow. Hundreds are crushed, wedged between the tunnel and the lawn. The tragedy left 97 dead and more than 760 injured. Immediately, the police impose their truth and accuse the supporters: drunk, arriving late and without a ticket, they forced the passage of the fatal door C. Some, according to The Sun, even urinated on

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