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Star Academy: “it's a bad idea”, the former director swings on the return of the show

Star Academy: “it’s a bad idea”, the former director balances on the return of the show

Nathalie André, former director of Star Academy, does not seem very excited about the upcoming return of the show. For what reasons ? We tell you.

It's no longer a surprise: Star Academy will make its big comeback on TF1 at the start of the next school year. Between reality TV and singing contest, this cult show of the 2000s revealed many artists. Among them, Jenifer, Grégory Lemarchal, Nolwenn Leroy, Olivia Ruiz, Élodie Frégé and even Michal… The list of stars who got their start at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys is long and impressive. So, for many people nostalgic for that era, the return of Star Ac' is excellent news. And even among the former participants, it is rather enthusiasm that seems to reign.

In any case, this is what we feel in the words of Oscar Sisto. The latter was Star Academy's acting teacher during seasons 2, 3 and 4. “It's a show that has left its mark on people. And that has something different from other programs. […] I am very curious to find the castle, the courtyards, the students…”, he recently commented. For his part, the former candidate Jean-Pascal is impatient to return to daily broadcasts: “We can't do without the reality TV part. People want to see progress. Even when we break the face !” However, despite this craze, a former person very close to the Star Ac’ seems not to be thrilled at all by this return.

Star Academy less attractive than before?

This is Nathalie André, one of the former directors. Asked in Chez Jordan, the 60-year-old producer gave her opinion without restraint. For her, the success of the show is conditioned by the context: “The return of Star Academy is a bad idea. Because the world of music has changed. Because there is not much money left.” According to her, it will be particularly difficult to attract artists to come and sing on the show with the candidates: “It will no longer exist. Because today we are in the air of zapping by making a hit without knowing if there will be a career. Will Dadju want to do Star Academy?” Despite this rather pessimistic observation, Nathalie André nevertheless retains a touch of hope: “Star Academy is a cult show and I think people will want to see the version 2022.” It is indeed the public who will decide if this Star Ac’ 2.0 is a success. The answer next October!

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