Star Wars: before Disney and Andor, this video game gave another origin to the Rebellion

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Before Andor, before Disney bought the saga, George Lucas had given his version of the creation of the Rebellion in the Star Wars game: The Power of the Force.

Disney+ has uploaded the first three episodes of Andor, which form a too long pilot presaging a gradual rise in power of the series. From a solitary hero, the character played by Diego Luna left to join a growing movement, the Rebellion. Opposed to the Empire of Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, this coalition should see its origins detailed in the Star Wars series.

However, before George Lucas ceded the rights to his saga to Disney,the director had given his version of the creation of the Rebellion in the beat 'em'all video game The Power of the Forceen 2008. We offer you a little throwback to the time when Mickey's company had not yet got their hands on Star Wars.

Our review of the first three episodes of Andor

Rebel Rebel

When Disney took over the franchise in 2012, the firm wanted to start again on solid foundations, laid by it. Because as it stands, Star Wars has a tortuous universe, of which George Lucas has not formalized everything, and developed over millennia. The story covers the making of the first lightsaber, its upgrade to a sword connected to a portable battery, until the near end of Star Wars during the invasion of the extragalactic aliens Yuuzhan Vongs. Disney is going to sweep this mess away and lay down an official chronology of which (at the beginning) only the series and films are part – except Clone Wars by Genndy Tartakovsky. In fact, the Star Wars canon loses entire chunks of history, including the origin of the Rebel Alliance.

L excellent animated series Star Wars: Rebels sets a new tone for this opposing force in 2014: it is made up of scattered groups determined to fight the tyranny of the Emperor, before organizing themselves into a large army. 2017's Battlefront II developed by DICE continues this momentum by telling the story of the birth of a resistance cell created by a former Black Ops of the Empire. The cartoon The Clone Wars (2008), the film Rogue One (2016) and the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order(2019) will incorporate moments from the life of space guerrilla Saw Gerrera and the evolution of his fight against the Empire. The promotion of Andor means that the series remains in this spirit.

unlimited power

George Lucas had an idea less focused on the struggle of each than on the affair of a single manipulated man. Without falling into “it was better before”, it is still interesting to look back and see the more intimate genesis of the Rebellion approved by the creator of the saga.

Three years after the director completed the saga Skywalker with Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith in 2005 released The Power of the Forceby LucasArts. The player is in the skin of Galen Marek, nicknamed Starkiller, the secret apprentice of Darth Vader, and enjoys an overpowered Force capable of tearing the gravity of the unfortunate enemies and precipitating on the ground a star destroyer (perhaps the most epic moment in Star Wars).

We especially discover that Starkiller is sent by Vader to reunite the enemies of the Empirewith a view to forming an army of rebels against Darth Sidious. In a treacherous relationship where he is only a tool of the Dark Lord, Marek no longer knows who he serves or the purpose of his mission: to help Vader in his putsch or to free himself from the grip of the fallen Jedi. Everything turns out to be a machination of the Emperor himself destined to capture the protesters of his regime. Gathered in one place, the enemies of the Empire are attacked by Darth Vader.

Thus, Mon Mothma and Bail Organa are among the captive senators that Starkiller must save. Now driven by a desire to get rid of his former master, Galen Marek confronts Darth Vader and the Emperor, but dies trying (another ending makes Marek the personal assassin of the Emperor). His sacrifice elevates him to the rank of martyr who will inspire future leaders of the Rebellion to unite. Leia Organa chooses Marek's family crest as a symbol for the Rebel Alliance. And that is how the Emperor was at the origin of his fall.

A very beautiful story told to us by George Lucas, of which we feels the inspiration in the history of the United States with the CIA's Operation Cyclone which involuntarily participated in the creation of Al-Qaeda in the 80s. A strong symbolism which will lose all its meaning in < strong>The Power of the Force II (2010), a game that called for a sequel (and answers) that we will never have. On the other hand, with Disney we can expect that there will be no holes left in the Star Wars timeline.

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