Stardust Festival: Inspiring Northern Youth with Science


Stardust Festival: Inspiring Northern Youth with Science

There will be nearly a hundred speakers at the Stardust Festival.

The Stardust Festival, which aims to inspire young people to get interested in scientific fields, was launched on August 1 in Cochrane and runs until August 6.

Interview at Radio-Canada, Jason Michaud, CEO of Stardust Technologies, explains that the main objective of this festival is to show young people that it is possible to accomplish great things even while living in remote communities.

On the festival menu: foray into the world of space exploration and STEM (acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics); teachings and demonstrations about Aboriginal culture; workshops on mental health and networking workshops.

In addition, during the festival, Mr. Michaud explains that rockets will also be launched up to 12 kilometers in the air as part of of the Launch Canada student competition.

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Rockets will be launched more than 10 kilometers into the air during the Stardust Festival.

Near d 100 guests will come in person or virtually to share their journey and their work experiences in these different technological industries.

“These people have important roles, but you never hear about their stories. Unfortunately in the North, we often believe that for young people it is impossible to reach these levels and that is what we want to value. »

— Jason Michaud, CEO of Stardust Technologies

Jason Michaud is committed to seeing young Northerners gain self-confidence and tries to pass on knowledge to them, but also the entrepreneurial spirit.

“The space industry is an industry that is still small on a certain level, and there is a lot of space for everyone in space. So there are going to be a lot of opportunities for even remote people to get involved and it doesn't matter where you are in the world to make a difference. »

— Jason Michaud, CEO of Stardust Technologies

Guest speakers include the presence of Canadian astronauts Marc Garneau as well as the participation of Chris Hadfield.

The activities are free for children and workshops for adults are also on the menu.


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