Starlink's Internet will be able to fly with planes as early as 2023

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The Internet of Starlink will be able to fly with planes from 2023

Bombardier's Global 6000 is one of the jets in the process of being certified to offer Starlink Internet access.

After offering satellite Internet for homes, RVs and ships, Starlink is heading for the skies. With its “aviation” program launched on Wednesday, the SpaceX division will make its high-speed, high-altitude service accessible starting in 2023.

With the installation of an air terminal, Starlink promises Internet speed of up to 350 megabits per second and latency of around 20 milliseconds. This connection makes it possible to make video calls and play online video games, activities once impossible in flight, according to the company.

By comparison, major airlines rarely offer internet speeds above 100 megabits per second. install the hardware necessary for the proper functioning of the network on their device. Thereafter, costs of $17,000 to $34,000 per month are to be expected.

Starlink has already been offering internet to cruise ships and yachts since last summer.

Currently, Starlink seems to primarily target a high-end customer base. Planes in the process of being certified for service are known to be used as private jets, such as the Gulfstream G650 – a plane that SpaceX boss Elon Musk owns.

However, the company has also entered into agreements with the airlines Hawaiian Airlines and JSX.

This announcement follows the deployment of SpaceX for cruise ships and yachts last summer, a service that was notably adopted by the company Royal Caribbean. Since May, RV owners can also subscribe to the company's Internet service.

As of last June, around 500,000 people were subscribed to Starlink, according to Elon Musk.

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