Steve Jobs' voice comes to life in this AI-generated podcast

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The voice of Steve Jobs comes to life in this AI-powered podcast

Steve Jobs briefly came back to life during a 19-minute episode of an AI-powered podcast.

A podcast entirely generated by artificial intelligence (AI), that is the promise of, from text-to-speech company The first episode: An interview of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple who died in 2011, with host Joe Rogan.

The episode begins with a warning: This podcast is for you. offered by All content is generated by artificial intelligence. For an informed public.

Joe Rogan hosts 'The Joe Rogan Experience' podcast, one of the most popular on Spotify.

Then, Joe Rogan gives the usual introduction to his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, and quickly continues by introducing his guest, Steve Jobs. He says he is fascinated by him and calls him weird and brilliant.

In the 19-minute episode, the two discuss topics like spirituality, technology, and even the use of psychedelics.

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The team say they built the episode based on Steve Jobs' biography as well as recordings of him found online so the AI ​​can accurately bring it back to life.

“There is no one who has inspired and impacted the world of technology more than Steve Jobs. That's why, in the first episode, we brought his voice to life.

— Taken from the podcast

This is the first episode of a long series. Each week, the voice synthesis company intends to publish a new recording with other personalities. The public can register the topics and the names of the people they want to hear on an online list, on which Internet users can also vote.

At the time of this writing, the most popular suggestion was a conversation between Buddha and physicist Albert Einstein, followed by ex-US President Donald Trump interviewing himself.

However, this type of production raises ethical questions, since the consent of Joe Rogan and that of Steve Jobs' family were not obtained by to create this unique exchange.

Several Internet users have not failed to point this out online, through a flood of comments congratulating the company for this technological feat. wants its work on inspires others to create audio and video content with generative AI.

We believe in a future where all content will be generated by AI, but guided by human beings, it is stated on the website.

We are building that future, starting with a major component, which is the generation of emotional and expressive human-sounding synthetic lyrics and the ability to clone any voice with a resemblance. perfect white, we add.

With information from Ars Technica

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