Steven Guilbeault Criticizes Doug Ford's Environmental Policy


Steven Guilbeault critiques la  Doug Ford's environmental policy

Steven Guilbeault believes Ontario is not doing its fair share to fight climate change. He was in Sudbury on Friday with federal MPs from the region, Viviane Lapointe and Marc Serré.

While in Sudbury, federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, made harsh remarks to Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

He feels that the Ontario government is not doing enough to help Canada achieve its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What is clear is that it will be much easier and much faster for Canada to reach its targets if everyone works together, he said stated in interview.

“There are several provinces and territories that are participating in the national effort to reduce the pollution that causes climate change, but admittedly the Ford government is not, which tends not to help , but much more to harm. »

— Steven Guilbeault, Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change

We are talking [not only] about air pollution and human health but also of the economy of the 21st century […], which will be a green economy, added Minister Guilbeault. The Ford government is missing the boat.

The Minister of the Environment was also questioned about the federal environmental assessment of the Ring of Fire mineral deposit, which Doug Ford wishes to exploit as soon as possible.

This deposit notably contains a large quantity of critical minerals, used in new technologies.

Some First Nations in the Far North of Ontario, including that of Neskantaga, want the territory taken into account during the assessment be extended to include waterways in the region.

Minister Guilbeault said he was ready to negotiate with Indigenous communities and defended the federal environmental assessment system.

Despite the fact that some nations disagree with some of the elements , I have had discussions with all the Aboriginal stakeholders, virtually.

He indicated that he will be back in Northern Ontario in August to meet in person with representatives of the indigenous communities concerned.

“We need to work in partnership with the communities and not try, as some provincial governments tend to do, to bulldoze everyone and to say, “It's our way or nothing.”

—Steven Guilbeault, Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Mr. Guilbeault admits that it will probably not be possible to please everyone and that plans will have to be adjusted accordingly.

The Minister does not believe that the Ring of Fire project is comparable to the Bay du Nord oil development project, whose federal approval is hotly contested.

Critical minerals are needed to make the transition energy. But that doesn't mean we have to do it like we did for nickel in Sudbury 50 years ago, he concluded.

Steven Guilbeault was notably in Sudbury to take part in a tree planting activity in Bell Park with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Jane Goodall on Thursday afternoon.

Friday , he was interviewed on the show Le Matin du Nord.

Afterwards, he attended the official premiere of the show Acting for the climateat Science North, which focuses on climate change and technological solutions to address it.

I am extremely proud of the effort that has gone into this show,” said Jennifer Booth, Executive Director of Interim Science North. It will certainly entertain and inspire our visitors.

The show was officially presented for the first time in front of several dignitaries, including the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault.

The science center had received funding from the federal government and the City of Greater Sudbury in 2021 to organize this show and other learning projects to inspire young people.

This exhibit will showcase the very real climate issues we face around the world and inspire Canadian youth to take action in their respective communities, said Minister Guilbeault.

The show Climate Action, which features woolly mascot Sheepy, was shown on a temporary basis last November, but Science North was forced to close due to the pandemic.

Former Science North CEO Guy Labine with mascot Sheepy at the announcement from federal funding in 2021

Comedian Rick Mercer has been lending his voice to Sheepy since the first version of the show, launched in 2003.

This show will also be p Presented at the Singapore Science Center and the Hong Kong Science Museum.

With information from Aya Dufour


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