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Stock market: AAPL stock is soaring, here are the reasons for its success

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The Worldwide Developer Conference seems to have gained traction. The value of an Apple share has just reached more than $207 on Wall Street, marking an increase rarely seen at the Apple firm. The company is now worth nearly $3.2 trillion. During its event, still in progress, the manufacturer of the iPhone unveiled the new version of its mobile operating system, namely iOS 18. With on the menu many new features powered by artificial intelligence thanks to Apple Intelligence.

Apple Intelligence is the new suite of options with AI from the Apple firm. Among these, we can notably cite the case of personalized emojis, notification summaries by Siri or even the generation of images on the fly. To be able to offer us all these advantages, the publisher has decided to collaborate with OpenAI, to whom we owe the ChatGPT app to hundreds of millions of users. It is still rumored that Apple has also entered into negotiations with Google to integrate Gemini, but the negotiations have not yet reached an end.

A model already validated ?

Apple Intelligence is without hesitation moving closer to Galaxy AI, the other suite of features with AI this time from Samsung. Among its advantages which could have convinced investors, we find automatic responses to emails or even the reformulation of certain texts written by the user. But what could interest shareholders even more is perhaps the collection of personal data, capable of generating billions of dollars in revenue. Indeed, as Elon Musk recently pointed out, Apple's artificial intelligence will certainly follow our lead. For the developer, this is an excellent way to improve the performance of their language model. This is also how OpenAI can easily work on rendering ChatGPT, intended for the general public.

For its part, Apple assures that the data will be processed only via private servers. In other words, our private information would not be transmitted to third parties. In fact, it turns out that the Cupertino giant has already been singled out for not having respected its commitments to confidentiality. This was particularly the case during the Siri eavesdropping scandal, with the voice assistant activating the microphone without informing mobile users. What's more, today, advertisers can all pay to target us on the App Store. The targeting criteria are simply anonymized.

The iPhone remains number one, at Apple

Despite everything, even today, it is indeed iPhone sales that allow Apple to generate the largest share of its revenues. Headphones represent more than half of its quarterly turnover, according to the latest official financial results. Services come in second place, including repairs in the Apple Store and the Apple Arcade on-demand game service.

In the second fiscal quarter of 2024 (US calendar), Apple had generated more than $90 billion in total. Wearables are in third place among the most profitable for Cupertino, with no less than 9% of the pie compared to 51% for iPhones and 26% for services. Macs are fourth with 8% of revenue, compared to 6% for iPads. Today, these tablets are the best-selling tablets in the world, far ahead of alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

Warning: investing involves risks of loss of capital not negligible.

  • AAPL stock hits stock market records and is now worth more than 207 dollars
  • Apple could make a lot of money from the resale of anonymized personal data
  • L&amp ;#8217;company still generates the majority of its revenue through iPhone sales

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