Stoltenberg calls on allied countries for more air defense systems for Ukraine

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Stoltenberg calls on allied countries for more air defense systems for Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is very clear about Ukraine's military needsand in what Allied countries have to focus on making contributions to continue arming kyiv. “The main priority should be more air defense for Ukraine”, he recommended upon arrival at the meeting of Atlantic Alliance defense ministers strong>A meeting scheduled for this Wednesday and Thursday at the Brussels headquarters, in which they will address the situation in Ukraine, the country's weapons needs to continue facing Russia and how to replenish the Allied military arsenals that have been emptied in recent months. 

As he did this past Wednesday, Stoltenberg thanked the United States and GermanyThe Ukrainian Defense Minister also did so yesterday for sending anti-aircraft defense systems, although he has made it clear that these contributions are not enough and that more help is needed. “We have all seen why. It is so important. The horrific indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian cities, civilians killed, critical civilian infrastructure destroyed, and above all the attacks on the energy system, energy infrastructure, are serious as we head into winter like this. that all this demonstrates the urgent need for more air defense for Ukraine”, recalled the highest representative of NATO before the meeting of the contact group for Ukraine led by the United States.

As he explained, Ukraine needs different types of anti-aircraft systems, both short and long range, as well as such as air defense systems against Russian ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, unmanned aircraft and drones. “Ukraine is a big country, with many cities, so we need to speed up to be able to help them protect even more cities and more territory from terror attacks against their civilian population.” ;, insisted the Norwegian politician who has again drawn a photograph of the alarming situation. 

The most serious escalation

“We are at a crucial moment for our security. In recent weeks we have witnessed the most serious escalation of the war since the February invasion. Russia is mobilizing tens of thousands of new troops. They are trying to illegally annex new Ukrainian lands and we have seen the indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian cities. And, of course, we have also heard the veiled nuclear threats coming from Moscow. All this makes this the most serious escalation since February”, he warned. 

Regarding this veiled nuclear threat, Stoltenberg recalled that NATO has reinforced its nuclear deterrence to send a clear message to the Kremlin. “We have seen the speculation about the use of a low-power nuclear weapon in Ukraine and we have clearly conveyed to Russia that this would have serious consequences,” he warned, reiterating that Moscow would not accept it. knows that a nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought. “We have not seen any change in Russia's nuclear posture, but we will continue to be vigilant, we will continue to monitor closely because Russia's nuclear threats, nuclear rhetoric and veiled threats are dangerous and reckless,” he reiterated. /p>

Arms reserves

NATO will not only discuss These two days on the contributions of the allied countries to the defense of Ukraine – this Wednesday's dinner, as well as the contact group meeting, is also attended by the defense minister Ukrainian Oleksyi Reznikov – but how to fill the stocks of allied weapons that have been emptying in recent months.

“Allies have supported Ukraine by reducing NATO stocks, or ammunition, or weapons. This has been the right thing to do, but we need to address how to replenish that stock. I hope that the ministers agree to review our guidelines on stocks and also commit more to the industry”, explained Stoltenberg, who is in favor of allied countries taking advantage of the platform offered by NATO to coordinate long-term needs. He agreed with industry and that it can invest in production capabilities so that “we can produce more weapons, more ammunition, more capabilities that we need, both to ensure our own deterrence and defense, and to continue to support Ukraine”.

To questions from journalists, Stoltenberg has also asked the president of Belarus,Alexander Lukahsenko, to stop his “complicity” in the war “We have seen how Belarus has been used as a zone of operations for launching missiles and air strikes against Ukraine, and President Lukashenko should e; to stop helping and supporting the Russian war efforts “, he has warned him.