Storm announced: WestJet cancels all flights to and from Toronto

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Storm forecast: WestJet cancels all flights to and from Toronto

The airline's activities should resume on Saturday morning, but on a reduced basis. (File photo)

WestJet airline is canceling all flights to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport, beginning at 8 p.m. Friday, due to 'a snowstorm announced.

The carrier adds that its operations should resume on Saturday morning, but at reduced capacity, and it specifies that it will make other operational changes as needed.

The airline recommends that customers traveling to or from Toronto check the status of their flights before departing for the airport.

Air Canada asks it also asks its travelers to check flight status before going to the airport.

The flight board at Union Station in Toronto shows many cancellations due to the predicted storm.

A low pressure system from Texas is likely to bring heavy snow and blowing snow across southern Ontario starting Friday night. Environment Canada is forecasting 20 to 30 cm of snowfall by Saturday morning for Toronto and its suburbs.

The storm is expected to be at its peak between 9 p.m. and midnight in the region of Toronto.

During this period, there could be 5 to 8 cm of snow per hour, warns Environment Canada.

Hope you have a four-wheeler to drive during these hours, launches the meteorologist David Rogers of Environment Canada.

He encourages motorists to be careful and patient on the roads.

“The combination of heavy snow and strong easterly winds will significantly reduce visibility and make road conditions dangerous. »

— Environment Canada

In Niagara, accumulations of 10 to 20 cm of snow are expected.

The region Kingston could receive 15 to 25 cm of snow, according to Environment Canada.

This is the third snowfall in southern ;Ontario in a week and a half.

In Toronto, Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie assures that snow removal crews are ready.

The City is asking residents not to park along major thoroughfares to facilitate snow removal and to take public transit instead of their car.

[Snow removal] will take several days, says Vince Sferrazza of the municipal road maintenance department.

< p class="e-p">The City of Toronto announces that its downtown warm-up center is open at Metro Hall, 55 John Street.

The city is also opening three other warm-up centers as of 7 p.m. Friday .

  • Scarborough Civic Center, 150 Borough Dr
  • Mitchell Field Community Center, 89 Church Avenue in North York
  • Cecil Community Center, 58 St. Cecil

All City of Toronto Community Recreation Centers will be closed on Saturday March 4th and all programs will be cancelled.

The outdoor artificial ice rinks will open on Saturday once the surface snow has cleared and it is safe to resume skating.

The 10 museums of d' Toronto History and the four cultural centers will be closed on Saturday, March 4.

All museums, the Cedar Ridge Cultural Center and the Clark Center for the Arts will reopen on Sunday 5 m ars with usual opening hours.

With information from CBC

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