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Tempête Frederico  : violent winds in Ile-de-France and in the north, orange alerts this Thursday?

Storm Frederico will hit the north of the country over the next few hours. While wind gusts up to 120 km/h locally are expected, Météo-France could place certain departments on orange alert on Thursday.

After the Ciaran and Domingos storms, a new depression named Frederico arrives in France. Yes, the time when As we write these lines, Météo-France has placed 55 departments, among which are those of Ile-de-France, on yellow alert for violent winds, the meteorological organization does not hide the fact that its prerequisites are for strong winds. Visions could be reviewed in the coming hours with, perhaps, an orange alert in certain territories. "The gust values ​​currently forecast fall under yellow alertness for the parameter" “wind”, indicates Météo-France in its bulletin, before warning: "But a worsening towards the orange level is not excluded if the trajectory of the depression comes à evolve."

Concretely, what should we expect? Storm Frederico comes to us from the Atlantic. After winning France by the Breton coast of Saint-Malo from Wednesday November 15 in the evening, the depression must then cross France on a Normandy – Grand Est axis, before heading towards the #39;Germany. Fifteen days after the Ciaran and Domingos storms, Brittany and the Pays de la Loire will, a priori, be the first territories affected, with gusts ranging from 70 to 100%. 90 km/h, initially Wednesday evening and overnight.

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Thursday, the situation is expected to get worse, with possible peaks. 120 km/h in the Channel. According to La Chaine Méo, the strongest gusts will be from 110 km/h on the coasts to the south. 90 km/h inland, even 100 km/h locally. They are expected in Brittany and Cotentin on Thursday morning and in the afternoon of November 16 in Normandy, Ile-de-France and the North-East. Gusts of an average of between 80 and 90 km/h are expected, or even 100 to 90 km/h. 110 km/h on the terrain of the North-East. Please note that the south of the country should not be completely spared. by storm Frederico, Corsica having also been affected. placed on yellow alert in the wind, Thursday.

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