Storm in Manchester United for the flight of Cristiano Ronaldo before the end of a match

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  • The Portuguese star headed down the locker room tunnel before the final whistle in his team's victory against Tottenham when he saw that he was not going to have minutes

Storm at Manchester United due to Cristiano Ronaldo fleeing before a match ended

Months ago the second stage of Cristiano RonaldoAs a Manchester United footballer, he has been irreparably tainted by the undoubted desire of the Portuguese to leave the team led by Erik ten Hag, something that both he and His entourage have been demonstrating since the beginning of last preseason and have demonstrated publicly on several occasions.

Another episode of a disciplinary type will enlarge the situation. the stain Cristiano chose for heading down the locker room tunnel with several minutes remaining in United's game against Tottenham, which ended 2-0 for the 'red devils'. He did it by making Ten Hag all five changes and seeing that he wasn't going to play a minute. The gesture has generated a considerable storm at Old Trafford.

A regular on the bench

After a remarkable first year in terms of individual performance -24 goals in 38 games- ended, that yes, with a disappointing sixth position in the Premier League for the aspirations of the Old Trafford club, the second season of his return is characterized by a residual role never before seen in his career and only comparable to that of his beginnings as a professional in Sporting de Portugal or his first campaign under Alex Ferguson, in the early 2000s, when it was more common to see him come off the bench, largely due to his youth.

Despite Ronaldo 's repeated desire to leave United last summer, both the club and the former coach of AjaxThey closed the exit door for him, assuring on numerous occasions, not only the intention of having him, but also of turning him into the great short-term pillar of the new project started on the bench at Old Trafford. Nothing is further from reality. The attitude of the former Juventus player has condemned him to ostracism, which is a real headache for the English entity, since it is a situation that does not benefit any of the parties involved, rather the opposite.

Two ownerships

To date, the Dutch coach has chosen to have Cristiano play from the start in the Europa League, a competition in which he has played practically every minute, and relegate the Portuguese to the substitution in the league championship, which is a very marked contrast. Ronaldo has only two starts in the Premier League, and in addition to the match against Tottenham, also lived the entire Manchester derby from the bench. “I didn't let him in out of respect for his great career,” he said. Ten Hag after his team was thrashed against Guardiola's City (6-3), in statements that convinced few.

The soccer decline of the attacker is evident, something that can also be perceived, beyond the attacker. due to his drop in the scoring contribution of his team, in the results of the classification of the 2022 Ballon d'Or, in which the Portuguese fell. up to position number 20 after finishing in sixth place in the previous edition. Barring a truly radical turn of events, the Portuguese will not be in trouble. He was on the list of 30 nominees for next year for the first time in a long time.

At this point in the season, the situation has caused several earthquakes in the locker room of the 'Red Devils'. Information published by the English media pointed out at the start of the course that Cristiano's lack of prominence, combined with his frustration at not having been able to leave the club, caused ; There was an atmosphere of palpable tension inside the locker room, something that has already been experienced. also the previous course due to his discrepancies with Ralf Rangnick , who was a short-term solution for the United bench for a few months last season.

Asked at the press conference after the game against 'Spurs' about the decision of Ronaldo leaving the field of play before the end of the match, Ten Hag assured He stated that the club would “manage the situation” internally the day after the match. “Today is the time to celebrate the victory,” he added.

Precedent of a friendly

In any case, this is not the first time that Cristiano has chosen to head to the changing rooms before the final whistle, since the Portuguese already did the same last July in a friendly match played at Old Trafford against Rayo Vallecano. On that occasion, the Dutch trainer qualified his decision was “unacceptable”.

Raphael Varane, one of his current colleagues with whom he also coincided. at Real Madrid, assured in mid-July that “the debate about the bad atmosphere that Cristiano generates in the locker room comes from outside the club,” he stated. the central. “We also know that he is very famous, so everything he does is going to have a great impact,” he reasoned. the french.

Ralf Rangnick, interim coach for much of last season, also had his ups and downs with Ronaldo, and the relationship between the two returned to normal. to affect, once again, the atmosphere in the locker room. The German coach criticized, among other things, his lack of effort when pressing on the rival field. The pulse between the two was finished. carrying the Portuguese, because the club address ended. opting for a relief on the bench.

His relationship with the new coach, however, not only has not improved, but has led him to hit rock bottom in his career at 37 years old . At Old Trafford there is a clear repentance, both on the part of the club's management and a good part of the social mass of the entity, for not having let Cristiano leave. strong>-who ends the contract in June 2023 and will close the contract. his stage in Manchester with total probability – in the last transfer window.