Stranger Things 4: the first images of volume 2 already revealed

Stranger Things 4: the first images of volume 2 have already been revealed

While the first part of Season 4 of Stranger Things is available on Netflix, the streaming platform has shared a preview of Volume 2.

The end is fast approaching… The first part of season 4 of Stranger Things has been available since May 27, and as much to say that fans have been waiting impatiently to find Hawkins’s band of friends. Three years after their last appearance, Eleven and her gang were not at the end of their troubles. As expected, this season 4 was particularly intense and dark. Sensitive souls would have done better to abstain since some sequences were worthy of the worst horror films. In addition, these first seven episodes have revealed many secrets to us. We finally know what really happened during the massacre at Hawkins' laboratory. And we can say it, now everything is explained

If Eleven is not at the origin of this massacre, she is still responsible for it since she was trapped by the number 1. By wanting to fight the great big bad, the young girl finally created a real monster by opening the portal. The final battle against the terrifying Vecna ​​(aka One) in the Upside Down promises to be epic. But to know the outcome of this fourth season of Stranger Things, we will have to wait. Season 4 of the supernatural series has been divided into 2 parts, and the final two episodes will be released on July 1 on Netflix.

A sequel that promises to be thrilling

So that that wait becomes less unbearable, the streaming giant has shared the first images of episodes 8 and 9. We thus find Jim Hopper, with Joyce and Murray in Russia, as well as the famous teenagers. Nancy, Dustin and company should continue to investigate while Elf seems to regain her powers. In addition, the new band composed of Will and his brother will go in search of Nina. These next two episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things promise to be thrilling and these first images will amaze us.

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