Stranger Things: David Harbor says he did not believe in the success of the Netflix series


Stranger Things has largely proven to be a fine moneymaker for Netflix. Yet, at first, even its actors didn't really believe it.

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7.2 billion minutes of viewing. This is what the fourth season of Strangers Things recorded, in less than a week. A world record – for comparison the previous season had reached “only” 582 million minutes in a month. Proof that the Netflix series launched in 2016 by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer has found a loyal audience, attentive to the adventures of the inhabitants of Hawkins, Indiana.

A few weeks after the release of this season ( which will probably be the penultimate), an actor remembered the filming of the first episodes of the series… And by his own admission, he didn't really believe it.

This confession, David Harbor made it in a British talk show, broadcast on the BBC. When the series was released, the interpreter of Jim Hopper regularly appeared in big action blockbusters (but often in a supporting role) and he was not betting on this little Netflix series to propel him to the front of the stage:< /p>

“I remember when we shot the first season. We were in Atlanta, Netflix had given us a budget of about… 20 dollars. I remember that halfway through filming, the person who was in charge came from my hair… It must have been episode 4 and she was like, 'it's never going to work.' When we finished, when we packed everything up, I thought there would never be season 2, that we would be the first Netflix series not to receive a second season. I was convinced that no one would watch, that it was going to be a disaster.”

It must be said that in 2016, the bet seemed risky. The two showrunners, just in their thirties, were almost unknown to the battalion (on IMDb, their only major credit, prior to the Netflix series, is the direction and production of two episodes of Wayward Pines) and the The show's retro universe was both expensive to produce and not necessarily compelling as Netflix triumphed with its “realistic” series, like House of Cards and Orange in the New Black strong>.

Finally, we know what happens next: a few months before the release of a fifth season of Stranger Things< /strong>, the gamble has more than paid off… Including for David Harbour's career: since 2016, the actor has appeared as the headliner of a blockbuster (Hellboy ), he joined the Marvel Universe (Black Widow), the Suicide Squad of the DC Universe, and he even won the first two trophies of his career, a statue e from the small screen actors guild (SGA Awards) and another offered by American critics. Not really a disaster…


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